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We’ve had a lot of these LIFEy posts lately, but that’s kinda just how I’ve been feeling. You know how you get in those moods where you just want to clear everything out, tidy up and start fresh? New-vibe Hyacinth Girl is a big example of this, but alongside that change in my life I’ve been making some others. Not a spring clean, per se, because it’s still well and truly cold as fuck. A winter clean? Yuletide clean? We did just have a midwinter Christmas family dinner the other weekend, complete with flaming Christmas pudding.

One big change that’s easy to underestimate, but has made a huge difference in feeling settled, was rearranging my living spaces. A couple of months ago I drunkenly bid on (and won) a dining table on Trademe. For $27! After doing without a dining table for almost six months, this was a big thing. It’s a nice square table and it just perfectly squeezed into my Mum’s car and everything turned out great, so I think the Dark Lord of Tables was smiling upon me. I ambitiously thought I might sand it back and paint it white, but that hasn’t happened yet.

tableNot my table; a different, more beautiful table, that might be in my future. I’m writing this from a cafe, where my table is not, so this picture of a different table will have to do.
via Fancy

About the same time as the table, came the tumble dryer. We’ve actually owned a dryer for some years, but when we moved into our current place there wasn’t anywhere for it to go, so my parents kindly offered to store it for us and I ambitiously decided I could manage with the washing line, and a clothes horse when it was really raining.  GREAT JOKE MORGAN HAHAHA then it rained for months and my washing piled up and the more washing there was, the harder it was to bring myself to tackle it. The harder it was to tackle the washing, the harder it became to tackle anything. This is partly the washing’s fault and partly depression’s fault, but you know, regardless, it needed fixing and the tumble dryer was the answer. It now lives in my sunroom and vents out the front window and ANYTHING is better than feeling despair over damp towels.


Possibly the most exciting manifestation of my Fresh Start is the device I’m writing this on – my brand new Macbook Air. This one’s paid for by Future Morgan, who is already feeling the pinch of $180 less a payday (if I want to pay this off before my interest-free term runs out). Honestly, though, the lightness of this thing is worth it. Plus, my old Macbook was on the verge of death and I was not prepared to deal with losing everything at a probably really inopportune time.

Other things which always aid in a Fresh Start are revamping your (one’s?) skincare and makeup vibes. I already got rid of a bunch of makeup which was just taking up space, and I’ve changed up my skincare routine slightly, in the neverending effort to make my skin sort its shit out. I thought it might be nice to do a skincare routine post, as I haven’t really done that before, so that will probably be up relatively soon. Next time I see my doctor I’m going to see if she can switch me back from the mini pill to the combined pill, as the oestrogen tends to help acne. Does anyone have any experience with this, by the way, going from one to the other or vice versa, and it affecting your skin?

How do you like to change your life for a fresh start?

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  • Nicole

    Going through this situation right now too. Changes at the blog, changes in the sleeping pattern, eating pattern, general patterns. I’m not sure if there’s much better than the ‘I’m bettering myself’ mood that is created.

    Also, top pick – round of applause. Great stuff. Oh, and life posts are great stuff too.

    Have a great day! x

    Nicole | Pocahontes

    • Thanks Nicole! It feels a bit weird posting things that are a little different to usual, but I’m glad to hear people like to see them.

      I’ve got a whole week off work this week and it’s doing wonders for feeling settled and sorting myself out, too!

  • Steph

    This was such a nice inspiring post to read 🙂 I guess something I do from time to time is go to the gym. I’ll get really into it & go solidly for like 6 weeks & then i’ll get bored & stop going & then get depressed & then think “hey I should go to the gym!” Hahaha LIFE! Hey just a question, do you actually have depression?

    • Thank you, I’m glad! I was on a huge gym thing this time last year, and it was really positive for a lot of reasons, but it was also really good for my mental health – unfortunately a gym membership isn’t something that fits into my budget or my schedule at the moment :/

      Yep I’ve been diagnosed with clinical depression – and it’s something I want to talk more about on Hyacinth Girl, and talk candidly and casually about, because that doesn’t happen enough!

      • Steph Hicks

        I agree it doesn’t happen enough! I’ve been diagnosed with it too and its still such a taboo subject. It would be great to hear more about it on here. I just discovered your blog yesterday when Kirsty mentioned it on MUO and I’m already addicted! 🙂

  • Liv

    Uh Morgan please talk about your depression more. Like you said, candid discussion about mental illness is so rare these days, and after Harry I was diagnosed with depression- it was such a sad and scary time until I got a handle on it!

    • Oh I definitely will! You’ll see there’s a depression tag on this post… which means it will pop up again. I HATE that it’s something people feel they need to hide, but then I also see why – because when you talk about it, people are often like “well why don’t you just not think about it?” or “don’t let it get you down!” … um no that’s not how it works :/

      • Steph Hicks

        Oo what about “What have you got to be depressed about?” I HATE that one!

  • Megan

    Heyoo, in the first pic there is a little acrylic container that you are storing what I am assuming is lip pencils and eye pencils. Can you pleasssse let me know where you got this??? Thanks!

  • Shannon

    I have the exact same view from my desk. Super stalker moment. Haha. On a less creepy note, paint the table, do it, painting second hand furniture is the best feeling ever. I find it weirdly therapeutic.

    • Whaaat! That’s crazy! Do you live on my street?!

  • Joely

    Yay! Your blog is so fantastic!!! I am currently on mini pill and my skin turned to shit after moving from the depo, I might try the combined pill but it has been known to make me depressed and fat 🙁 I cant wait for a great skincare rountine post! I am keen to try the Body Shop aloe vera range 🙂

    • I’ve tried a few different combined pills and some made me gain weight and some made me lose it – it’s worth experimenting!