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Amber Lights and Quarry makeup look

I make no apologies for how into eyeshadow I’ve been lately. This look is shamelessly jacked from Kate, eyeshadow princess at Mecca Cosmetica. She had this colour combo on when she did this fantastic look on me and it was pretty. It hadn’t occurred to me to try this before! Full details of the products I used ahead.

I started with Stila’s Smudge Pot in Kitten as a base (this is what Kate said she used, although any neutral shimmery base will do). I put MAC Amber Lights (NOT All That Glitters, if you’re looking at the file names in this post… I always get them mixed up!) all over the lid and then generously smudged it beneath my eyes too. This is a very warm and richly pigmented golden bronze shade – you could use Sunset from the Stila In The Light palette or Half-Baked from the original UD Naked.

I put MAC Quarry through my crease, careful not to let the two colours overlap and become muddy. Then I blended that gently with a MAC 217 (duh, although a cheap dupe is the Bdellium Tools 776) and intensified the colour slightly with Rosette from Stila In The Garden.

This is also a really easy look to recreate with cheaper eyeshadows – the gold and purple combo works no matter the exact tones, because purple and gold (yellow) are complementary colours.

amber lights and quarry makeup look

What I really like about putting eyeshadow UNDER my eyes is that it’s visible when my eyes are open. My hooded eyelids hide most of my eyeshadow when I open my eyes, and I don’t always want to blend it crazy high towards my eyebrows just so you can see it. I’m thinking I might need to branch out my pencil eyeliner collection from black, nude and white (and now navy blue) to include some gold and bronze shades.

Here is my whole face with this look. In the vein of previous posts it’s not great because my remote is missing and I had to take this in the bathroom mirror. I might as well rename the blog Mirror Tour 2k14.


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  • I love this look!

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  • eleseaesthete

    This looks wonderful on you – I knew I should have picked up Amber Lights instead of Deep Truth! I might try this look with the gold/bronze underneath my eye tomorrow morning. I’m not sure if I have hooded eyes but I do find it hard to properly show eyeshadow in pictures. Thanks for sharing Morgan!

    • Thank you Elese! People can have varying degrees of hooded eyes but basically it’s if your mobile eyelid and crease ‘disappear’ when you look straight ahead. Such a pain for doing eyeshadow!

      • eleseaesthete

        That makes a lot more sense – I can never tell what on earth my eye shape/type is but there is definitely some disappearance going on there. I will def take some snaps if I have a go 🙂

    • P.S. You must take a photo if you do a similar look! x

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