FACE | My affordable foundation collection


I wrote about my high-end foundation collection fairly recently (okay maybe not that recently), but given some of those foundations are pushing $100 NZD, I figured I better write about some more affordable foundations too. A lot of these I’ve written about individually, so I’ll link to those reviews where I can.

Truthfully, I never have good luck with cheaper foundations, which is why I do tend to pay for more expensive ones. Because foundation goes all over your face, it’s more visible when it’s either the wrong colour or a bad texture, so in my mind it’s worth spending the money to get it right.

FACE | Revlon x Chloe Morello Sculpt + Highlight Contour Kit


Morgan, where have you been? After a publishing-heavy October, the beginning of November has been a bit chaotic. I worked last-minute on a wedding, I got sick, then this week we got hit by a 7.8 earthquake which was immediately followed by intense weather and flooding. Basically, I haven’t had the time and energy to think about makeup, let alone write about it.

It makes sense to write about the contouring palette Chloe Morello developed with Revlon immediately after the review of her Ciate eyeshadow palette. Chloe’s making bank this year with brand collaborations, for sure, but I was a little lukewarm on the Ciate palette. Let’s see if the Revlon Sculpt + Highlight Contour Kit fares any better.

SKIN | What the hell is niacinamide?

skincare products with niacinamide

Niacinamide is a true hero ingredient, but I held off on writing about it because I wanted to get my hands on the hero niacinamide product: Cerave PM. Cerave is a drugstore skincare brand from the US, and quite difficult to get in New Zealand. I had a promising connection with their PR until it became apparent shipping internationally would be too much of a challenge (story of my life). Anyway, eventually I found a reputable seller on eBay who didn’t have offensively expensive shipping, and here we are!

FACE | Ballerina bun & Heroine FOTD


Purple lipstick is my jam. I crowned MAC Heroine as my favourite when I was interviewed for FishHead Magazine, and I think it still holds true. So rarely are purple lipsticks a) actually purple, rather than simply a purple-toned pink, and b) somehow still acceptable enough for you to wear them all day without everyone commenting on your lipstick. Don’t get me wrong, I like when people comment on my lipstick, but sometimes it’s more of an ‘oh, your lipstick is …interesting, rather than a genuine ‘I really like your lipstick’. (I’ve swatched some of my other favourite purple lipsticks further down this post.)

Second note: My hair is finally long enough to do a ballerina bun! I figured I should try the bun donut I bought, seeing as how it didn’t get used in my xoVain hair tutorial.

FACE | Base makeup with SPF protection


Last week I talked about decent stand-alone sunscreens, but I know some people aren’t committed enough to add that extra step to their routine. If that’s you, you should probably find a way to start caring more. It’s really important to wear sunscreen! If you need instant gratification, think of how terrible it is when you’re sunburned. If that’s not a big deal to you, think about the possibility of getting skin cancer. If that seems unlikely, think about whether you’d rather look 65 when you’re 50, or 50 when you’re 65. Sun damage ages your skin terribly!

If you still don’t care enough to wear sunscreen separately, here are a few of my favourite face base products with decent SPF. Makeup with SPF might put you off, but it’s seriously easy to find and easy to wear.

FACE | Everyday Face


Christel and Camille have started a series on their blog called Everyday Face, and today it’s my turn to share mine. Over on Makeupper I’m talking skincare, and here on Hyacinth Girl I’ll be sharing the products I used in the finished look, which is also the look above, and is also the look I’m wearing at work nine times out of ten lately.

LIPS | My handbag lipsticks


Looking at the lipsticks in my handbag is the best way to tell which of my lip products I use the most. I do a clear out once a month or so, and I thought it might be interesting to share what I’ve been using lately. There’s a bit of everything: gloss, liner, sheer, opaque, matte… if you can put it on your lips, it’s probably in my handbag.

Morgan: Adelaide makeup and skincare haul

So I went to Adelaide a couple of weeks ago and given how quiet I’ve been about it on the blog you might be forgiven for thinking I didn’t buy any makeup while I was there. In reality, I tried to keep myself on a low-buy for the payday a fortnight before the trip, and then I got paid again the day before I left. I think this is all I bought that previous payday, which is really fucking good if you know my spending habits at all. They were all necessities… except for the nail polish.

All that saved up money meant I could go on a hella shopping trip to the city one of the days I was there, kindly supported by my Adelaide native friend Paige who patiently accompanied me through David Jones, Myer, Chemist Warehouse, Inglot, Kmart, Target AND more shops I’ve forgotten. Then I bought some more stuff at duty free on the way home. I was going to split this up into multiple posts but honestly, it’s more exciting to look at it all at once. (What’s pictured above is not all of it. Obviously.)

Morgan: Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm

I’ve been sitting on this post for a while, because the new Revlon Colourburst Matte Balms aren’t due out in New Zealand until the end of this month. (You will have seen them all over blogs and videos from people in America and the UK though!) Taylor sent me the Matte Balm in Striking in our makeup exchange. I noticed it bears a very strong resemblance to one of my favourite Revlon products (and favourite lip products!) of all time, Revlon Matte Lipstick in Strawberry Suede.

Strawberry Suede was probably my first true makeup love. I bought it online, used it religiously, and then realised it had been discontinued. I started rationing it until I found a tube at one of those terrible Big Bucket Sales. I’d never advocate buying makeup from these (it’s all old, often expired, and sometimes dodgy) but this was a sealed tube of my favourite ever lipstick, so I snapped it up. I’m still rationing Strawberry Suede, but the Matte Balm in Striking is an almost exact dupe.