FACE | The Organic Skin Co makeup

The Organic Skin Co is a skincare and makeup brand created by World Organics. Organic skincare isn’t that exciting but seeing an organic beauty company that does base cosmetics is a little less common. I’m used to seeing mineral powder foundations maybe, but The Organic Skin Co does a full range of cosmetics including cream concealers, luminising primers and highlighters, some of which I’ve been sent to review and swatch for you guys. I was really stoked to see the breadth of shades available as well—too often, natural beauty brands offer a pitiful range of colours in base products.

One thing I will say: this brand has the least memorable name possible. I’m surprised they don’t struggle with their SEO, as the name is so generic. I get that it describes what they do, but I was all ready to write a blog post about ‘The Natural Beauty Co’ and then ‘The Organic Beauty Co’ before I realised they were actually called ‘The Organic Skin Co’. Lucky I triple checked!

Morgan: Spotlight on primers

It was a challenge to come up with a name for this post without resorting to a tired play on words: ‘prime time’, ‘primer perfection’, ‘primed and poreless’. So you get something boring and descriptive instead.

A primer is one of those products that’s not entirely necessary when it comes to putting on makeup, but they’re an important step that helps your makeup go on evenly, last longer and look better. As you can see I’ve made a pretty good attempt at amassing a selection of primers for almost every purpose. Here are their vibes.