BROWS | NYX Micro Brow vs Anastasia Brow Wiz

The Anastasia Brow Wiz has been my preferred eyebrow pencil from way back (and by way back I mean literally, right-the-way-back-to-my-first-ever-blog-post-in-2013 way back.) It’s a bit expensive though, and that fact hasn’t changed either. I’ve tried other brow pencils over the years but haven’t found anything that I like as much as the Brow Wiz.

Then Farmers started selling NYX and I had a Farmers voucher so I ordered the NYX Micro Brow pencil. It looks virtually identical to the Brow Wiz so naturally I was curious to see how it held up. (Plus for $20 it’s about half the price of a Brow Wiz pencil.)

FACE | My affordable foundation collection


I wrote about my high-end foundation collection fairly recently (okay maybe not that recently), but given some of those foundations are pushing $100 NZD, I figured I better write about some more affordable foundations too. A lot of these I’ve written about individually, so I’ll link to those reviews where I can.

Truthfully, I never have good luck with cheaper foundations, which is why I do tend to pay for more expensive ones. Because foundation goes all over your face, it’s more visible when it’s either the wrong colour or a bad texture, so in my mind it’s worth spending the money to get it right.

FACE | Stick foundation is my new crush

Stick foundations Hourglass Vanish stick, Shiseido The Makeup stick foundation, Maybelline Fit Me Foundation stick, NYX Mineral Stick Foundation

Stick foundations are having a real moment and I couldn’t help but investigate them for myself. The second the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick came into Mecca I had to go try it out, and after seeing how nicely it sat on my skin I bought it. The Hourglass stick foundation is bloody expensive and comes with very little product, comparatively, though, so I wanted to see how it compared to a few other stick foundations on the market. Keep in mind that I have a very oily skin type (I thought I was getting it under control for a while, but it’s oily again at the moment), so these recommendations come from that viewpoint.

LIPS | Uslu Airlines lipsticks


I’ve had these photos ready to post for ages, and I’ve had the lipsticks for even longer. But there’s no time like the present, right? (What does that even mean?) Anyway, here are some Uslu Airlines* lipsticks, via the lovely ladies at Outergold. The intention was always to write a post about how you can wear bright lipsticks to work because come the fuck on, you can wear bright lipsticks anywhere you want, which is why I am wearing smart worky clothes in these photos.

(P.S. If you’re reading this on the website, you can see I clearly have an ‘angle’. Lol.)

Morgan: Gold eyeliner and GPOY

I’m still on a weird eye makeup thing. This time it’s a gold thing. “Take your makeup from day to night with a slick of gold eyeliner” kind of thing. If you were reading this in Allure that’s what the tagline would be.

I bought Allure this week for the first time – I was walking past the newsagent on my way to lunch with workmates and spotted it through the window. “I have something very important to do,” I said, and dashed inside. I didn’t even stop to see how much it was ($14) and I haven’t read it yet. It’s the March issue so it’s probably going to be a big waste of paper now.

EYES | Eyeshadow primer superpost

It has been a weird week for me. Harriet and I got interviewed for something exciting on Wednesday, and I spent three consecutive nights out drinking with friends (usually I do this zero times a week). Somehow along the way I have completely neglected to write anything for Hyacinth Girl, so I am making it up to you now with this superpost on eyeshadow primers.

We covered face primers recently but I also own pretty much every eyeshadow primer that anyone has ever recommended, due to the fact my eyelids are oily as hell. I figured I might as well tell you guys what I think of them. (Oh and by the way: In loosely eyeshadow-related news I was really excited that my last eyeshadow post inspired Elese to try a similar look.)

Giveaway time!

Having punished you about our favourite makeup products for several months now, we thought it would only be fair if we gave you guys a chance to try them out! We’ve been collecting our favourites, including things we’ve reviewed and loved, into one big giveaway prize. Harriet and I are actually really excited about giving all this away to someone, because we genuinely love everything that’s included.

This giveaway is now closed.

Morgan: overcoming the fear of contouring

It has taken a good couple of years with an increasing interest in makeup (culminating in my alarmingly large collection and a complete lack of perspective over how reasonable it is to be obsessed with cosmetics) for me to even attempt contouring. My first plan of attack: know your enemy. I’ve collected five of the internet makeup world’s favourite matte bronzing & contouring products, from NARS, Benefit, Too Faced, NYX and Bourjois. I think I’m really only lacking Illamasqua Hollow and Chanel’s Tan de Soleil de Mousse de Expensive (which I once had a dream about). When you look at them side by side it’s much easier to tell which will be best for your needs.

Harriet: Replicas are not bargains

I see a lot of knock-off makeup being sold on Walk in Wardrobe and places like that, and what confuses me is that a lot of people don’t seem too worried about paying $40 for a fake Naked palette, or $15 for a fake MAC lipstick. Obviously people can spend their money however they want but that’s a fair amount of money for something that’s not what it’s pretending to be. I thought I’d look into the whole thing a bit.

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