SKIN | What the hell is a chemical exfoliant?


I think most people know that exfoliating is good for your skin, but the new trend of chemical exfoliators is a bit harder to get your head around. What the hell is a chemical exfoliant, and why should you choose it over a scrub?

Because I like to understand what I’m putting on my skin and what it does, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on this. The benefit of this is that I will now translate it into a (hopefully) easy to understand blog post for you! So if you’re wondering what AHAs and BHAs are, and why people keep going on about acid toners, READ ON.

Spot clinic: treatments

It’s pimples week on Hyacinth Girl. There’s almost always at least one pimple on my face, so I suppose you could say it’s pimples week every week for me. I’ve got some particularly gnarly ones at the moment because weird and stressful things are happening in my life and my body chooses to manifest this through sudden bouts of pimples and tears. (Thank the dark lord for waterproof mascara.)

Today we’re looking at spot treatments. On a leopard-spotted background. GET IT!?

Morgan: Adelaide travel skincare

I went to Adelaide over the weekend. I know that sounds pretty blasé, as if it wasn’t an international trip that was kind of a big deal, but we were only there for a few nights. You may not have known that if you looked at the makeup and skincare I packed. I relished the opportunity to wheel out every travel-sized piece of skincare I own, in case of any and all skin-related mishaps. Here’s what I took and why.