FACE | The Organic Skin Co makeup

The Organic Skin Co is a skincare and makeup brand created by World Organics. Organic skincare isn’t that exciting but seeing an organic beauty company that does base cosmetics is a little less common. I’m used to seeing mineral powder foundations maybe, but The Organic Skin Co does a full range of cosmetics including cream concealers, luminising primers and highlighters, some of which I’ve been sent to review and swatch for you guys. I was really stoked to see the breadth of shades available as well—too often, natural beauty brands offer a pitiful range of colours in base products.

One thing I will say: this brand has the least memorable name possible. I’m surprised they don’t struggle with their SEO, as the name is so generic. I get that it describes what they do, but I was all ready to write a blog post about ‘The Natural Beauty Co’ and then ‘The Organic Beauty Co’ before I realised they were actually called ‘The Organic Skin Co’. Lucky I triple checked!

FACE | Sephora New Zealand is a thing and I got new things to celebrate!

Sephora New Zealand haul gif

Sephora New Zealand exists. I repeat, Sephora now has a New Zealand website. The Singapore-based Luxola, which was a cosmetics shopping site I had never used but had a New Zealand branch, has become part of the Sephora empire. This is pretty exciting news – even though they don’t carry all the same brands as the American Sephora does, there are a whole host of beauty brands that are now a million times more accessible to us in New Zealand.

As part of the launch celebrations I got to pick a few products from Sephora.nz to try, so naturally I picked the most hyped things I’ve wanted to get my hands on (I think Cass had the same idea). Pricing is pretty darn decent, and the site has free shipping over $75, which is not hard to reach.

FACE | High and Low End Best of 2015

Hyacinth Girl Best of 2015

So I’ve been a shit blogger in 2015 but I’ve still been using products and trying products and having thoughts on them, so I’m still going to write a Best of 2015 post. This time I thought I’d keep it nice and brief with one favourite high end product and one favourite affordable option. Conveniently they also work out to be one makeup product and one skincare product! Nice and symmetrical. If this isn’t enough for you, feel free to read my 2014 and 2013 favourites, all of which I still like.

FACE | AC On Tour, an exercise in buyer’s regret


My energy for writing seems to have fizzled slightly of late, which is a shame, but I’ve bought so much makeup that perhaps I’m just avoiding my blog out of shame for violating my no-buy so excessively. One of the things I bought was the Australis AC On Tour contouring and highlighting kit and I bought it with much zeal and little critical thought. Thing is, there has been so much hype about it and it has been so hard to come by that I forgot to see if it was any good before I bought it – I just saw that it was at Farmers and only $22 or something ridiculous and suddenly I was at home attempting to simulate cheekbones with dusty brown powder. It’s just no good. Here’s why.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

You might recognise this as it’s one of the latest ‘cult’ products that’s been doing the beauty blog rounds. It’s sold out on Sephora at the moment but I know it went into Mecca Cosmetica stores this weekend, so you might be able to find one there. I was in Mecca on Friday making the staff envious because I had the palette before they did! At first I wasn’t sure how I would use these powders but they’ve found their way into my regular routine pretty quickly. Read on for their uses and swatches!

Holla at yo’ highlight

I bought a new highlighting product and it arrived this week, so I thought I would do a comparison post of the highlighters I have.

I don’t wear highlighter every day. Most of my blushes have some shimmer in them, and I’m not usually aiming for an excessively glowing look at work. If I do wear highlighter I’ll pair it with a contour and skip blush for that day.

The Real Techniques setting brush is perfect for applying highlighter in localised areas without overdoing it. I do want to try a giant fan brush like I’ve seen some people using, not sure where to get one though. Any suggestions?