LIFE | Kmart Petone is open

Kmart Petone is open and has a bunch of affordable beauty buys, like the ELF Foundation Blurring Brush and brow razors.
Kmart opened in Petone (my neighbourhood) two weeks ago and I’ve already been twice! I haven’t bought anything special—someone asked what I’d bought and I struggled to remember, because it was mostly impulse buys of cheap shit (more on that in a moment) but there are a few useful things I picked up.

FACE | $20(ish) makeup challenge


I tend towards the high end when I buy myself new makeup, so I have to admit I’m not hugely familiar with the cosmetics offerings on the very low end of the budget scale. When the friendly folks at Kmart hooked me up with some of their products, I thought I’d try to do the $20 makeup challenge – a whole face of makeup for twenty dollars. I am living on a huge budget at the moment: a lot of unexpected expenses have added up to the point where I’m eating peanut butter on toast for lunch every day. Being a sensible adult is so boring.

Morgan: Birthday makeup dupes

As much as I enjoyed writing yesterday’s post about my $2000+ birthday makeup, it’s not in the spirit of blogging in the sense of readers being able to recreate the look. This morning I’ve had a bit of a dig around to find some more reasonably priced products that could make up a similar face. Naturally they’re going to lack the fancy skincare properties and other general lux-ness of the expensive versions, but these are all products I stand by and would recommend anyway.

Just looking at the products in this collage, the expensive versions come out to $457, and the affordable ones to about $75. Realistically, it’s pretty obvious which ones you’d choose!

LIFE | I need to stop buying makeup

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I… need to stop buying makeup. It is a problem. Not a problem as in ‘I can’t pay my rent and we’re going to get evicted but at least my face looks nice’, but more ‘I am not putting enough money into savings each week and I probably should be smarter with my money’.

I’m going to do Project 10 Pan, kind of. I’ve gone through my collection and pulled out a couple of things I could use more, or use up (if appropriate). It is cheating if I’m using deluxe samples?