EYES | Duping Anastasia Modern Renaissance

Modern Renaissance dupes

I’m getting pretty bored of all the warm and berry-toned eyeshadow palettes that have come out recently. The Anastasia Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette blew up in the makeup world in 2016 and now every person who has ever taken a photo of their makeup owns it and uses it and loves it. I didn’t think I’d love it, though—too pink, too trendy, and too extraneous in my already pretty comprehensive eyeshadow collection.

Instead of buying it I thoroughly trawled Temptalia’s dupe list for shadows I already owned or that were similar and swatched them out. It was a good exercise to re-familiarise myself with the depths of my eyeshadow collection! While I wasn’t able to pull together an entire palette of Modern Renaissance dupes, I did pretty well with what I already have.

Morgan: Birthday makeup dupes

As much as I enjoyed writing yesterday’s post about my $2000+ birthday makeup, it’s not in the spirit of blogging in the sense of readers being able to recreate the look. This morning I’ve had a bit of a dig around to find some more reasonably priced products that could make up a similar face. Naturally they’re going to lack the fancy skincare properties and other general lux-ness of the expensive versions, but these are all products I stand by and would recommend anyway.

Just looking at the products in this collage, the expensive versions come out to $457, and the affordable ones to about $75. Realistically, it’s pretty obvious which ones you’d choose!

DIY | Angled brush

DIY angled eye makeup brush

I like brushes. I like bargains. I especially like when I get bargains on brushes. The local art supply store had a 40% off sale on brushes and it reminded me that I’ve seen people suggest using artist brushes instead of cosmetic brushes to save money.

I bought two brushes for around $8. One is a large goat hair mop brush. It looks a lot like a giant version of everyone’s favourite blending brush, the MAC 217. The second is a regular synthetic flat brush, which I very quickly and easily transformed into the perfect stiff angled brush. You can use this type of brush for brows or gel liner. Both cheap and expensive brow kits (like from ELF or Benefit) come with mini angled brushes, but you can get much better control from a full size brush. Here’s how to make your own!