FACE | The Organic Skin Co makeup

The Organic Skin Co is a skincare and makeup brand created by World Organics. Organic skincare isn’t that exciting but seeing an organic beauty company that does base cosmetics is a little less common. I’m used to seeing mineral powder foundations maybe, but The Organic Skin Co does a full range of cosmetics including cream concealers, luminising primers and highlighters, some of which I’ve been sent to review and swatch for you guys. I was really stoked to see the breadth of shades available as well—too often, natural beauty brands offer a pitiful range of colours in base products.

One thing I will say: this brand has the least memorable name possible. I’m surprised they don’t struggle with their SEO, as the name is so generic. I get that it describes what they do, but I was all ready to write a blog post about ‘The Natural Beauty Co’ and then ‘The Organic Beauty Co’ before I realised they were actually called ‘The Organic Skin Co’. Lucky I triple checked!

FACE | Klairs BB cream and concealer


Or, join me for my very first foray into Korean beauty! Despite Korean beauty being heavily hailed by everyone from Elese to Lisa Eldridge, I’ve always found it a bit overwhelming and hard to know where to start. Wishtrend offered me a couple of Klairs products to try, and based solely on the fact that the packaging looks kind of like Aesop, I said yes.

The Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream* says you look so wonderful just the way you are on it, which is always an entertaining thing to read on a beauty product. I gave it a go along with the Klairs Creamy and Natural Fit Concealer*.

Spot clinic: pinpoint concealing

Spot clinic part two is about pinpoint concealing. This is a thing that seems so painfully obvious once you learn about it – smearing concealer on and around your blemishes is going to draw attention to them, really, so keep it to where it’s really needed. The pinpoint concealing method comes to most beauty-interested people on the internet via Lisa Eldridge, Supreme Empress and Ruler Absolute of the Visage.

SKIN | A quick look at concealer

Unless your complexion is perfect (in which case, what is your secret?) chances are you use a bit of concealer in your daily makeup routine. I’ve collected a number of concealers in my search for the best. But all concealers are not equal: the perfect concealer for pimples and redness may not be perfect for covering and brightening undereye circles. Keep reading to see what I think about the five pictured above.