SKIN | What the hell is micellar water?

The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is now available in New Zealand, and it’s time to ask the big questions. What is micellar water, and how does it work? I’ve been using micellar water for a good while now, and I’ll readily admit that I was confused when I first came across it. Case in point, this post from May last year: ‘I don’t know what micellar means but it might as well mean magical, as far as removing makeup is concerned.’ That’s not a lie, by the way. Micellar water is one of those fantastic beauty shortcuts that is actually a beauty shortcut, and not a stupid beauty ‘hack’ that’s just going to screw up your skin in the long run. Let me show you how.

LIPS | On MAC x Toledo and PR samples


If you read any beauty blogs at all, you’ll know the MAC x Toledo collection is a) extant, b) beautiful and c) now available on counters in New Zealand. I am not publishing this post to be the first to break the news, although of course I’m including arm and lip swatches of the three products I have from the collection. What I really want to talk about is PR samples – PR samples from MAC in particular.

LIFE | Last minute prep for a big life change


Today is the first day of March, and tomorrow is my first day of makeup school. I went to my orientation day last week and it sounds like the course is going to be really, really fun. I’m essentially leaving my job to do this, and based on what I heard at orientation, I won’t regret it, but I am kind of nervous and still don’t really know what to expect.

I’ve been trying to get Hyacinth Girl ready, as I don’t want the blog to lapse while I focus on school. I will be reducing my posting schedule ever so slightly – I think I’ll switch from posting every three days to twice a week.

The other thing I got from orientation is how intense the course will be, in all sorts of ways. I’m a little nervous, so I’m taking some time out now (Sunday evening) to get ready: washing my hair, removing all the unwanted body hair I’m usually super lazy with, painting my nails.

LIFE | What I got for my birthday


I turned twenty-five last week. People are asking me what it feels like, whether I feel older. I don’t know? I just feel like regular old Morgan. I think people also expected me to get a bunch of makeup for my birthday, but the thing is, when writing about makeup is kind of your job, it loses its appeal as a gift. I’ve also reached the age where I don’t really expect big gifts, but I got some all the same.

My aunt, uncle and cousins sent me a Lotto ticket, which is a sign that I have truly escaped the age of “better send the kid a present” and transitioned into the age of “we didn’t forget it was your birthday but you’re an adult now”. No shade, by the way. Checking the ticket was kind of fun. I didn’t win anything.

LIFE | Caring for your tattoo (and yourself)


I may or may not have mentioned that I got my second tattoo late last year. It’s a cat on my left thigh, and it’s a memorial piece for my (really rad) aunt who passed away five years ago in December. The line work is finished, and it needs shading and colouring, but I’m not in a huge hurry to get it done. That’s the thing about tattoos. There’s no rush. They’re not going to go away.

Tattoo aftercare is specific to your artist, and I would never suggest anyone take my advice over a professional’s. I did want to write a bit about caring for your tattoo, though. And how to survive getting a tattoo, although I may not be the best source of advice for this. I fainted after this piece was finished.

HAIR | The fringe I got and regretted immediately

Growing Out Long Bangs

I got a fringe cut in last time I got my hair done, because I’m an idiot and I was bored with growing my hair out. Of course, I regretted it immediately. The fault is one hundred percent my own, and zero percent Matt’s (he’s my hair stylist). I am lazy when it comes to styling my hair. I’m also not very good at using a straightener, and a straightener is what my fringe needs to look normal.

I wrote about this for xoVain in a post that went up today, but I wanted to include some anecdotes that got cut in the xo editorial process.

FACE | It’s hot and I don’t feel like wearing makeup

Hyacinth_Girl_hot_weather_mu_sIt’s all in the title. It’s hot and I don’t feel like wearing makeup. Granted, it’s not as hot in Wellington as it is in Australia where my babes are enduring 35+ degree heat on the regular, but it’s hot enough here for me. I’ve actually had this title in my head as a post idea for over a year, but last summer I was so uncomfortably hot for so long that I didn’t get around to putting the makeup on my face and writing it at all.

Over the break I haven’t worn makeup really at all, but I’m back at work now and I like to wear some. Here’s what I’ve been putting on my face as I’ve been figuring out the perfect summer makeup. It’s fast, easy, and there’s no powder in sight.

LIFE | 14 things from 2014


It’s the last day of 2014 and I’m cat- and house-sitting with Callum for friends who are away. We’re only on the other side of town but it feels like a miniature holiday of our own! There are a few things going on tonight, but let’s be real, at midnight I’ll probably be in bed with a book I’ve nicked from Grace’s shelf or catching up on Project Runway All Stars.

For now, I thought I’d finish off the year with a list of 14 things that happened to me this year, in no particular order.