NAILS | Peel off gel polish?!

Gelicious peel off gel polish in Thankful

You’d think that the concepts of gel polish and ‘easy-peel’ are mutually exclusive, but I’ve learned not to be surprised by anything in beauty anymore. Gelicious contacted me about trying their peel-off gel polish a few months ago, and I finally got around to trying it out. It takes a lot to convince me to abandon my Essie polish, you see, especially if the alternative process involved fussing with base coats and top coats and UV lights and alcohol wipes. But fuss I did, with the Gelicious Gel Nail Starter Kit*.

NAILS | Essie Gel Setter review (and one for you, too!)


You all know by now that essie is my favourite nail brand, some percent due to it being, you know, actually good, and the rest because nail polish bottles of all shapes and sizes stress me out a little bit. Square essie bottles are simple and practical, and the brush is nice and flat and wide, and (with a few exceptions) the polish is really good quality and stays around for ages. I’d almost say essie didn’t need to launch a gel-like top coat, but they did it, with Gel Setter* available now, and it’s bloody great.

If I were the type of person to be embarrassed about how much nail polish I own, I would say I have an embarrassingly large nail polish collection; as it happens, despite adding to it frequently, I never quite feel I have enough colours. It does mean I often reach for bottles on the essie stand at work only to realise that I already own them. Luckily for you, though, this means I have a brand new bottle of Sand Tropez as well as a new Gel Setter to give away!

NAILS | Care and maintenance


It’s very easy, when you’re feeling lazy, to just throw on one coat of nail polish and call it a day. It’s particularly easy to do this when it’s cold as hell in your house and you want to limit the length of time your fingers are motionless and unable to be crammed into mittens. I’m learning my lesson here though, as lazy manicures make for faster chips and flaky tips. Here are some good things to help rectify this.