Morgan: Christmas Eve Coffret

What even is a coffret? It’s a small box or container, apparently, so, a fancy name for a gift set.

NARS lip pencils are one of my favourite lip formulas – I don’t have any of the weird patchy problems I get with MAC lipsticks, they go on smoothly and the staying power is decent. I already have three velvet matte lip pencils (Pop Life, a low key tomato red; Train Bleu, a dark blue-based purple; and Tender Night, an iridescent lilac) but with the addition of this ~coffret~ my collection has more than doubled.

Morgan: Dreaming of a MAC Christmas

I feel like I’ve been stepping up my eyeshadow levels lately. I’ve generally been afraid of shimmery shadows for various reasons, and stuck with my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. (Actually, while we’re on the topic of the Naked Basics, can I just say how creepy it is how much traffic this blog gets from people searching ‘Lorde naked’ and ‘naked pics Lorde’? They must be so disappointed when they discover all I have to offer is a semi-average tutorial on eye makeup. ALSO GROSS BECAUSE SHE IS A CHILD.)

ANYWAY. The Point Of This Post is that my Christmas present from my family this year is A CUSTOM 15 PAN EYESHADOW PALETTE FROM MAC. I am so, so excited about this. My Mum was completely reasonable when I told her it would be $160 USD, and she just told me to go ahead and order it. I was surprised because that’s more than my rent costs each week, and I feel like any sensible person would find that completely outrageous just for some eyeshadow. It still is pretty outrageous.

I’ll do a post after Christmas when I get the real thing, obviously, but I wanted to share the shades I ended up choosing now.

Haul time, and a Youshop rundown

I got home from work one day last week to find this mountain of parcels waiting for me. It felt like Christmas! To be fair it wasn’t ALL for me, as I split shipping costs with friends to make purchasing from international stores slightly more affordable. For some of these purchases I used NZ Post’s Youshop service, so I’ll go into how that works at the end of this post.

Read on to find out what’s inside!