Beauty Bliss haul on Hyacinth Girl

The Depression Hauls aren’t over, oh no. The second installment comes by way of Beauty Bliss, my favourite New Zealand beauty retailer. They’ve got a whole real shop which is really exciting, and it’s been cool to see the store expand—they’re authorised retailers of heaps of brands, like Anastasia Beverly Hills and Becca as well as more mainstream brands like Maybelline and Australis (maybe the default place to shop now that Farmers’ loyalty programme has gone to shit?)

Beauty Bliss aren’t paying me to say good things about them, by the way, they’re just a great NZ retailer that I want to support. I think the most they’ve ever given me for free is the eyeshadow brush that came free with orders over a certain amount (and that I forgot to photograph, oops!)


Depression Hauls: MAC and

It’s time for a new series here on Hyacinth Girl: The Depression Hauls. It’s exactly what it sounds like—my depression has been hella dark lately and I’ve been binge shopping as a result.

Buying these things, and having these things, hasn’t made me any happier—it couldn’t, because depression is a much bigger thing than that. It can make me feel worse, long term, when I think about how much money I’ve spent and on things I will barely touch. I feel indifferent when parcels arrive. Obsessively comparing sites and prices does keep my mind briefly occupied and on something outside of my own head, and I’m aware that I’m lucky to have money to spare for situations like this.

I don’t need any of the things that I bought. But I bought them, and this is a beauty blog, so I might as well show you what they are.

So in the first installment I’ve got a bunch of stuff from the MAC website and from Both sites has discount codes at the time of purchase which means MAC must have finally moved away from the “absolutely no sales ever” model.

FACE | I treated myself with a Charlotte Tilbury haul


Oh god, more new makeup? I’ve got a confession to make… I made a few last minute purchases in December before starting my 2015 no-buy. This one I’m justifying as a congratulatory treat I bought myself with my first payment from xoVain. I’ve been back-and-forthing about the price of her products for a while, but this seemed like the perfect time for indulging in a Charlotte Tilbury haul.

This is an image-heavy post, because these products are very pretty. And I have a new camera. I couldn’t help it.

FACE | Sephora VIB sale haul


I’m feeling a bit better and I have these photos uploaded, so let me now tell you about what I bought in the Sephora VIB 20% off sale a few weeks ago. The sale happens once a year in mid-November, and it’s the only way to get a decent discount on lots of brands. It was a good incentive to get the Christmas sets I was excited about. Plus, we have friends staying at the moment and I think my makeup hoarding is rubbing off on Ania, so I got to grab some things for her as well.

SKIN | The lazy way to chemically exfoliate

AHA and BHA pads

As if I didn’t have enough chemically exfoliating products already, I bought some more in pad form – to support my laziness, of course. The Stridex pads are from iHerb via the Skincare Addiction sub-reddit, whose members seem to fall over themselves to promote these as a BHA holy grail. ‘Holy grail’ is a funny way to describe a product, really. The only way I could use these as a grail would be if I took the pads out and drank from the tub.

Morgan: Adelaide makeup and skincare haul

So I went to Adelaide a couple of weeks ago and given how quiet I’ve been about it on the blog you might be forgiven for thinking I didn’t buy any makeup while I was there. In reality, I tried to keep myself on a low-buy for the payday a fortnight before the trip, and then I got paid again the day before I left. I think this is all I bought that previous payday, which is really fucking good if you know my spending habits at all. They were all necessities… except for the nail polish.

All that saved up money meant I could go on a hella shopping trip to the city one of the days I was there, kindly supported by my Adelaide native friend Paige who patiently accompanied me through David Jones, Myer, Chemist Warehouse, Inglot, Kmart, Target AND more shops I’ve forgotten. Then I bought some more stuff at duty free on the way home. I was going to split this up into multiple posts but honestly, it’s more exciting to look at it all at once. (What’s pictured above is not all of it. Obviously.)

Morgan: finally, the palette itself!

I promised it… and here it is. My custom 15 pan MAC eyeshadow palette! I know we’ve been talking MAC eyeshadow palettes a lot lately, but this is the real thing and I had to share it with you. I thought I better get this post up fast, because this morning I was doing my eyeshadow and I may have knocked the palette off the table and it may have fallen on the floor, and the pans may have all fallen out… Apart from a minor gouge in Amber Lights, they’re all intact, but it was definitely a reminder to post about it before I destroy it by being clumsy! To be fair, this morning was my first day back at work and I was NOT at my best at 7.30 am.