WIN | Naked 3, Benefit Porefessional, EOS lip balms & more


I HAVE GIFTS. GIFTS FOR YOU, DEAR READER. Well, maybe, if you’re lucky enough to win this giveaway. You didn’t think I’d relaunch without a giveaway, did you?

Here’s what you can win.

Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette, courtesy of myself (I bought this one with my own money, for you)
Benefit Porefessional primer, courtesy of myself again (so generous)
Clinique Lashes Top to Bottom set: High Impact Mascara and Bottom Lash mascara (guess who!)
SIX EOS lip balms: Summer Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Lemon Drop, Sweet Mint, Honeysuckle Honeydew and Tangerine, courtesy of 24 Seven Beauty (these alone are worth more than $80, so mega shout outs to 24 Seven Beauty for hooking you up!)
La’Bonic Organic Mattifying Toner and Organic Spot Targeting Oil, courtesy of La’Bonic (I really like their tea tree range, which these products are from, so thanks La’Bonic too!)

Phew. Wow. Okay. There will probably be extra things in there too because I am a hoarder and I love giving things away. (New things, don’t worry!) Ask Chrissy, who won our last giveaway.

This giveaway runs for a week and it’s real basic. Just like Hyacinth Girl on Facebook, and tell me you’ve done so with the Rafflecoptery thing below. Bonus entries for other things. Get amongst. Tell all your friends. Don’t cheat, or I’ll know, and you won’t win.

Good luck!

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Morgan: ‘less is more’ skincare & giveaway

My everyday skincare routine is heavy on my two favourite New Zealand natural skincare brands – Antipodes and Trilogy (see my latest empties post for evidence of this). I don’t choose natural skincare because it’s natural, per se – I think the anti-chemicals rhetoric that’s often used to promote natural skincare is garbage, because everything is a chemical. And heaps of ‘natural’ things are terrible for your skin, like cinnamon and lemon juice and all sorts of household ingredients that pop up in homemade face mask recipes on Pinterest.

I like natural skincare for my basics, cleansing and moisturising, because it’s simple. My skin does tend towards sensitive, so using natural skincare has helped me narrow down what does irritate my skin. (Rosehip oil is included on my list of known irritants.) I am reluctant to change up my skincare because I know what I’m using at the moment works for me, but after scanning the ingredients I thought I might as well give the new Living Nature Skin Minis a go. Harriet’s also been trying them. This is going to be a long post, but if you make it all the way to the end you can enter for your own chance to try the Skin Minis set and mask best suited for your skin type! (This giveaway is now closed.)

Giveaway time!

Having punished you about our favourite makeup products for several months now, we thought it would only be fair if we gave you guys a chance to try them out! We’ve been collecting our favourites, including things we’ve reviewed and loved, into one big giveaway prize. Harriet and I are actually really excited about giving all this away to someone, because we genuinely love everything that’s included.

This giveaway is now closed.

Hot pink nails

Summer is coming, apparently, although it’s been a horrific week for weather in Wellington. I’ve been daydreaming about warm days and short sleeves, encouraged by the tanning lotion we received to try out from the newly rebranded Argania (keep an eye out for a proper feature on that soon). Summer also means I have to branch out from my uniform of jeans and black clothes. I thought I’d get into the spirit with some bright pink on my nails. I accessorised with these midi rings, and I have a set to give away! Giveaway is now closed.