Recreating Lorde’s Royals look with Naked Basics

Alright, this isn’t a perfect recreation because a) it’s not an easy look to do, and b) my eyelids pretty much disappear as soon as I open my eyes. Also I need to apologise in advance for the shitty lighting in these photos. As soon as I got them off the camera I realised they weren’t great but I didn’t want to ditch them altogether. I used my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, because I use it every day for neutral eyes and I wanted to see how it would work trying something more ambitious.

Hot pink nails

Summer is coming, apparently, although it’s been a horrific week for weather in Wellington. I’ve been daydreaming about warm days and short sleeves, encouraged by the tanning lotion we received to try out from the newly rebranded Argania (keep an eye out for a proper feature on that soon). Summer also means I have to branch out from my uniform of jeans and black clothes. I thought I’d get into the spirit with some bright pink on my nails. I accessorised with these midi rings, and I have a set to give away! Giveaway is now closed.