HAIR | 1940s hair experiment

1940s hair look

I don’t write a lot about hair on here because I am Not That Great at it, as the polish (or lack thereof) on this hairstyle will betray. I do enjoy playing with my hair, though, and in particular with my hot rollers. I learned how to use hot rollers at makeup school and I largely rate them above a curling wand for their versatility. (That being said, I just wrote about using a NuMe wand on xoVain, if you’re interested to hear my thoughts on YouTube’s favourite hot tool.)

Callum and I have been watching the BBC’s Farm series (Victorian Farm, Wartime Farm etc) and despite my mixed feelings on Ruth Goodman (I love her really, but she’s hard work to watch sometimes) I was really interested to try copying some of the hairstyles she had in Wartime Farm—ordinary everyday 1940s hair, not glamorous pinup shit.

HAIR | Gh0stparties inspired top-knot


I swear I’ve spent every spare minute in the past week washing my hair. At school we have to be hair models for each other, so my hair is getting absolutely thrashed daily. So. much. hairspray.  It’s almost enough to put me off doing anything with my hair besides a ponytail, but Kate from gh0stparties came to my rescue with a half up top-knot video that was perfect to try with the Fudge Powder Styler*. I’m no stranger to styling powders, but this one is a particularly fine specimen.

FACE | Everyday Face


Christel and Camille have started a series on their blog called Everyday Face, and today it’s my turn to share mine. Over on Makeupper I’m talking skincare, and here on Hyacinth Girl I’ll be sharing the products I used in the finished look, which is also the look above, and is also the look I’m wearing at work nine times out of ten lately.

FACE | How to level up your brow game


I love a good eyebrow. I’ve been filling mine in in various ways since 2008, and they’re the first part of my face I really paid attention to cosmetically. Anything you can use on eyebrows, I’ve put on them: wooden pencils, clicky pencils, powder, gel, pomade… and I’d like to think they’ve been improving over that time.

I’ve been doing something with them lately which is, admittedly, very laborious, but will help you level up your brow game. This isn’t a quick-slap-em-on-and-out-the-door job (I’ve got the Hourglass Arch Brow for that), but it’s worth it for the natural-looking brow you end up with.

EYES | Mustard eyeshadow vibes


Last time I was in Auckland I saw a gorgeous matte mustard eyeshadow at the Bobbi Brown store. Not being in a position to buy it at the time, I hoped I would be able to buy it from Sephora when ordering some other things, but they didn’t have it in stock, which led to several hours scouring the internet for the best matte mustard eyeshadow. Turns out they’re not that common! Eventually I settled on the Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow in M408 mustard. It’s definitely not a shade you can sweep across your lid when you’re in a rush to get out the door, but I love the colour.

Morgan: Sequins and brocades

From a fabric perspective, sequins and brocades are not the most low key choices. I’m a fairly low key person in how I clothe myself, so the likelihood of seeing me in glitter or gold is pretty slim (unless it’s my cat brocade Litas, and even then I can’t remember the last time I wore those).

I have also never been one for glitter nail polish or a ring finger feature nail. I didn’t even own any glitter nail polishes, or consider owning any, until I saw the Maybelline Color Show Brocades.

Morgan: Express Your Selfie hair tutorial

I have to be honest, I’ve never really been one to curl my hair. Up until this point, all my ventures with curlers have resulted in tangles or a disappointing poodle situation. See this photo of me at prom in 2008 as evidence of the latter.


I took this as a sign that I should never curl my hair again, until my girl Ruby Frost (you know, my girl, like we’re mates) teamed up with V05 and shared these sweet hair tutorials, and I figured I should make another attempt at curls that look natural. I used Ruby’s tutorial for the VO5 ‘Give Me Moisture’ look as inspiration and came up with something I’m definitely going to try again.

Morgan: Gold eyeliner and GPOY

I’m still on a weird eye makeup thing. This time it’s a gold thing. “Take your makeup from day to night with a slick of gold eyeliner” kind of thing. If you were reading this in Allure that’s what the tagline would be.

I bought Allure this week for the first time – I was walking past the newsagent on my way to lunch with workmates and spotted it through the window. “I have something very important to do,” I said, and dashed inside. I didn’t even stop to see how much it was ($14) and I haven’t read it yet. It’s the March issue so it’s probably going to be a big waste of paper now.

Morgan: Navy blue eyes

I’ve been feeling more experimental with my makeup lately, so when I was asked to write a guest post on the Ezibuy blog I thought I’d go for a navy blue vibe. I’ve been repping bright lip colours for a few years, and as I get better at applying eyeshadow and figuring out what works on my hooded eyelids, I’m realising I can #makeitwork with interesting colours on my eyes, too. (Well, probably not at the same time.)