LIFE | Spring Spa Wellington


As much as I love watching Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, it has taught me to be wary of beauty salons, so I don’t treat myself as often as I should (budget may also be a factor in this). I was genuinely excited when I heard the news that Spring Spa was opening in Wellington, though, as it’s a venture from the same owners as East Day Spa, which is pretty much the only place I will trust with my face/body/appendages. Last week I got the chance to have a facial at the new Spring Spa Wellington and it was incredible. I will tell you more about how it was incredible, if you’ll let me.

EYES | MAC 217 vs Bdellium Tools 776


When I started watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, the most confusing part was the references to so many different makeup brushes, all labeled with letters and numbers with no consistent system of categorisation. Oh, the MAC 217? OF COURSE. While that ‘of course’ was initially sarcastic, I quickly learned that if there was one brush to have, the MAC 217 was it. Fluffy and good for everything from blending powder eyeshadow to undereye concealer. Expensive, but one day I must have been feeling flush and I ordered myself one from Nordstrom for $24 USD and I use it for everything ever since.

The thing with brushes, though, is the fewer you have, the more you have to wash them. Washing brushes is boring. So I decided to buy myself some more blending brushes… but slightly cheaper this time. I had heard the Bdellium Tools 776 was a good dupe for the MAC 217, and much less expensive. Now that I own both, I thought it might be useful to compare them (along with some other, inferior blending brushes).

LIFE | On My Dining Table


Yesterday on Twitter I mentioned how much I hate when bloggers use the phrase “landed on my desk” or “came across my desk” to talk about products that are provided to them as PR samples. It’s a phrase that draws attention to how casual it’s pretending to be. ‘Oh, no big deal, this happens all the time, it’s my job,’ when in reality, I see it most on small blogs that are imitating bigger bloggers. It’s also silly because how many of these people actually have desks that they a) dedicate to blogging and b) use?

My version of this post is accurately titled ‘On My Dining Table’, because that’s where this stuff lives. The dining table has not been used for dining in possibly a month (we like to eat sitting on the floor, or in bed). It’s also not all PR samples. 

NAILS | Jewel-toned pastels

I have a bunch of career goals, but one of the most bizarre and specific is to one day have a job where I can wear jewel-toned suits to work. There’s something about smart fitted blazers, matching cropped cigarette pants and sexy, comfy high heels that says ‘career success’ to me. I can’t get my jewel-toned suit vibe on just yet, since I have a strict black and grey dress code at work. I’ve noticed a heavy pastel trend amongst my nail colour choices, however, and one that corresponds quite positively with the imagined jewel hues of my future.

Spot clinic: treatments

It’s pimples week on Hyacinth Girl. There’s almost always at least one pimple on my face, so I suppose you could say it’s pimples week every week for me. I’ve got some particularly gnarly ones at the moment because weird and stressful things are happening in my life and my body chooses to manifest this through sudden bouts of pimples and tears. (Thank the dark lord for waterproof mascara.)

Today we’re looking at spot treatments. On a leopard-spotted background. GET IT!?

Morgan: Sequins and brocades

From a fabric perspective, sequins and brocades are not the most low key choices. I’m a fairly low key person in how I clothe myself, so the likelihood of seeing me in glitter or gold is pretty slim (unless it’s my cat brocade Litas, and even then I can’t remember the last time I wore those).

I have also never been one for glitter nail polish or a ring finger feature nail. I didn’t even own any glitter nail polishes, or consider owning any, until I saw the Maybelline Color Show Brocades.

Morgan: March Favourites – on video!

If you’ve ever read this blog and wondered what I am like in real life, now’s your chance to find out. My friend Bronwyn invited me to join her to film our March Favourites for her channel and the video is now online and in this post. I can’t say I’ll be launching my Youtube career any time soon, but it was not as bad as I expected. Georgia says I am incredibly normal on camera so watching the video will be exactly like you’re hanging out with me and Bronwyn.

Morgan: Wednesday around the web

I hate calling it ‘the web’, but it alliterates with Wednesday… if anyone has a better suggestion for naming posts like this, by all means I would love to hear them. This is just a quick post to share some links I’m feeling this morning.

What’s In My Bag? – I wrote a guest post over on The Dizain Collective sharing what’s in my bag – both my regular bag, and my makeup bag. I love reading these types of posts, because I’m nosy. You should go and read it. Harriet will have one up soon too! (P.S. There’s a giveaway on TDC too.)

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush – these popped up on Temptalia this morning. Smart move, Hourglass! I wonder if they expected the Ambient Lighting Powders to do as well as they did? I love mine and they sold out instantly. These blushes look amazing, although I’m expecting them to be pretty pricey. Launched in February in the USA. February is my birthday month. Hmm.

MAC Me Pretty on makeup prices in New Zealand – this is an age-old debate on the internet, and someone has dug it up again by writing a (pretty ill-informed) post on Stuff Nation. Liv breaks it down and explains why we do get jacked with makeup prices in New Zealand.

Frizz-fighting tips – I wrote up some tips for fighting frizz over on nzgirl. There’s also a no-heat curls hair tutorial!