LIFE | No-buy February update


It’s February, and I’m more than a month into the open-ended no-buy I committed to last month. So how am I doing? What am I holding in this photo? And possibly more importantly, what am I wearing?

Well, here’s how it is. The nice calendar I printed is… somewhere. I don’t know where it is. That doesn’t mean I’ve failed, though! Once I got into the habit of marking off each day as an achievement, my completionist attitude grew. I may be calendar-less but I’m still committed to the no-buy. I mean, I slipped a couple of times, but I haven’t made any massive online orders for tons of makeup, and for me, that’s impressive.

I bought two hair donuts for a hair tutorial I was working on for xoVain. I didn’t end up using the hair donuts, but at the time, I thought I might need them. I think this is a permissible purchase.

I bought a new tube of Trilogy Very Gentle Cleansing Cream. I was reluctant to buy it at full price, but Farmers didn’t have an offer on Trilogy and I needed to replace my face wash. Because it’s a replacement, this is another permissible purchase.

I bought a twentysevennames Lucky Embroidered Bomber Jacket at the twentysevennames garage sale at the end of January. This jacket was part of the Summer 2013/14 collection and retailed for $690 when it was current. It was on sale for $200. I remember looking at it when it was first in store and thinking that it was so expensive that I would never own it; that spending seven hundred dollars on a multicoloured jacket wasn’t just ridiculous, it was fucking stupid. But then, it would be fucking stupid not to snap it up when it was less than a third of original retail, right?! This is really an entirely un-permissible purchase, but, well, I did it, so it’s too late.


No one could say no to this. Right?!

Who else committed to a no-buy or low-buy at the start of 2015? How is it going for you?

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  • Arrabella Bolter

    Is Mr. HyacinthGirl as bad as my bf? I was planning on getting an Audacious lipstick “do NOT spend $50 on coloured wax!” -.- spoilsport.
    I’m just proud of myself for staying away from the Karen Walker sale. Last year I spent $420 and got 3 dresses 😮

  • I bought a dress for $100, which was absolutely not planned BUT it is such a nice dress I’m going to wear the crap out of it. I didn’t buy ANY makeup though which is a proud achievement, and I finished quite a few products.

    • No makeup high five! I really want to try the new NARS foundation. I have to hope it just doesn’t come out here for a while, I guess?

      • Knowing NZ, probably like next year

      • Sophie ♥

        I am so keen for that foundation too! Especially if it’s cheaper than my current fave from Chanel, which I suspect it will be.

  • Jackie Jean

    I’m going to compare this “no buy” thing to a diet; if you cut yourself off completely you just want everything even more! .. it’s seems like you’re doing great =)

    • That’s a good way to look at it!

  • Caitlin

    I did right at the beginning of January. It lasted about 5 days before I caved and bought myself a new bronzer -.-

    • Caitlin

      I applaud you for keeping going with it though!! 🙂 <3 x

  • jamie-lee

    I think that you’re doing really well! I on the other hand just spent about 40 minutes adding things to an imaginary gift registry on beauty joint for easy ordering when I binge purchase next. Um.. yeah.

    And the jacket – I’d do it too. Nothing like 60% off to justify a purchase! 🙂

    • I’ve been trying to keep off shopping sites to avoid temptation. I just really want to try the new NARS foundation. Oh, and I have a packed cart on Witchery…

  • Imogen

    I’m going pretty well on my replacement only no buy. Haven’t had to replace anything yet though. I am lemming the Lorac pocket pro but I have lots of perfectly good eyeshadow already. I might let myself make a sneaky Amazon haul including it if I ever manage to finish an eyeshadow.

    I looked in at the TSN sale but they were out of a lot of sizes. I love their prints, and that jacket looks great on you!

    • The Lorac pro is on my wishlist too, but I really don’t need any new eyeshadow. Like, AT ALL.

  • Cesy

    Pretty good so far! I have ordered a replacement foundation, but going on how long it took them to get it to me last time, it will be March when I get it! Got lucky and won some beauty products the other day, so that’s lovely! All the fun of new products with none of the bank account pain.

    However the lust list for Melbourne and Adelaide grows ever longer. I know the locations of Mecca Maxima, provided the Aussie girls haven’t ravaged the shelves, I will be buying Urban Decay when I am there. But that’s March and April, so February is safe!

    That jacket is pretty impressive BTW. I am a tiny bit jealous.

  • I LOVE the jacket ♥ $200 is well worth it I say 🙂