Blush Baby Royalty

The lipstick I’m wearing in this post is called Royalty. It’s dark purple. Lorde wears dark purple lipstick a lot of the time and has a song called Royals but I am NOT going to write about that in this post because the last time I wrote about a Blush Baby lipstick I wrote lots about the Spice Girls and someone complained.

The last thing I will say about Lorde is that the lipstick in the MAC Lorde collaboration, Pure Heroine, is not everything I had hoped it would be. It’s an underwhelming shade (why not bring back Punk Couture?) and the opacity leaves something to be desired. This Blush Baby lipstick has everything I’ve ever wanted in a dark purple lip so I just saved myself $40.

Royalty* is a deep purple with strong blue undertones, much less violet than shades like MAC’s Heroine or the purple Australis Velour Lips. This is a good, true almost-indigo purple. It’s not for everyone. The day I took these photos I put it on and nearly went out wearing it, but I was going out for lunch by myself and didn’t want purple all over my face. (In hindsight, I ran into Laura of Hungry and Frozen that day and I know she would have been a purple-lipstick-cheerleader, so I should have just gone for it.)

You’ve got to wear it with a lip liner, and you’ve gotta give yourself some time to apply it and get it right. I like to have a lip brush on hand to sort out the edges, but you can actually build up better pigment out of the tube. This isn’t a creamy lipstick. This is a good thing when it comes to unusual colours. Creamy means easy to reapply without a mirror and I wouldn’t take that risk here.

The dark purple was giving me fairy nymph vibes so I pulled my hair back and channelled my inner Morgan le Fay. I was named after her and, as much as I hate Ren Faires and spiritual hippie-dom, I’ve always got room in my heart (and bookshelf) for some Arthurian legend. Bonus points if it’s got a feminist spin.

Don’t forget to check out my reviews of Vamp and Vixen too. Blush Baby lipsticks are a very affordable $25 and you get free shipping if you spend over $25. If you need help spending more money, a bunch of great brands like the Balm are on sale on the Blush Baby website – 20% off! How could you not?

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  • This looks amazing on you! What lipliner did you use?

    • Thanks Lani! Oh I’m a dork I forgot to say what liner I used, it was just a nude one from Australis.

  • Oh this is a gorgeous colour! Looks amazing <3

  • So lovely! x

  • And now you have me wanting to watch the Merlin miniseries again, and maybe Mists of Avalon for good measure.
    The lipstick looks fab though! I need to get my hands on some blush baby.

    • Yess I have so many Arthurian-related watches planned! I have read pretty much everything that is out there but I have a terrible attention span for watching things. Is the Merlin series worth it?