NAILS | Jewel-toned pastels

I have a bunch of career goals, but one of the most bizarre and specific is to one day have a job where I can wear jewel-toned suits to work. There’s something about smart fitted blazers, matching cropped cigarette pants and sexy, comfy high heels that says ‘career success’ to me. I can’t get my jewel-toned suit vibe on just yet, since I have a strict black and grey dress code at work. I’ve noticed a heavy pastel trend amongst my nail colour choices, however, and one that corresponds quite positively with the imagined jewel hues of my future.

The big two in my nail arsenal at the moment are essie Lady Like (top left) and essie Cocktail Bling (top right). I wore Lady Like recently and then I put it on my nails again last week which is incredibly unlike me. It’s a cool, pinky mauve nude shade that doesn’t draw attention to itself. Cocktail Bling is allegedly grey but reads powder blue and even lavender in some lights. When I’m all grown up and have ruby and sapphire-coloured suits, these will be the colours to pair with them!

The third shade, pictured in the centre above, is probably going to be my next nail polish purchase. essie Tart Deco is veering into the brights category, but it’s a milky enough coral to fit the pastel bill. This one will match my future topaz suit.

Clockwise from left: essie Lady Like, Maybelline Canary Cool, OPI Stranger Tides, essie Mademoiselle, ELF nameless purple, OPI nameless and uselessly sheer grey that took four coats to show pigment.

Here are some other pastel shades that have found their way out of my nail polish box lately, although if they’re not from essie, I’m probably wearing them reluctantly. The formula of the new essie polishes is all I ever need in a polish and other brands, even OPI, just disappoint me with their peely and chippy qualities.

Please recommend me some more pastel shades! It’s payday this week and my nails will be due for a new colour in a couple of days…

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