Morgan: Inglot, or, I can’t say no to any ‘build-your-own’ cosmetics

Remember when I made my custom MAC palette? That was Christmas. Six months ago, really. I’ve got some other new eyeshadow since then too. You’d think that would be plenty to see me through until next year, but a) I’m a beauty blogger and b) THERE WAS AN INGLOT STORE IN ADELAIDE.

They had a huge counter with all their individual eyeshadows for their Freedom System, and you took a magnetic card and got to build your own palette right in the store. How could I say no?

I should have taken photos of the store, but I was too excited and my phone was dying, so you’ll have to be content with picturing pure eyeshadow bliss. It was like the dairy over the road from where I lived as a kid, which had a wall full of jars of lollies. Mum would let me go over to ‘Mary’s Dairy’ with $1 and I’d spend literally one hour sometimes, picking out the perfect combinations.

The Inglot store was like that. I kept it Christian and only let myself build a palette with four eyeshadow pans, although I could have gone crazy because when you’re presented with such a big selection, the immediate instinct is to take one of each.

The shadows come individually packaged and you get the double excitement of opening them and assembling the palette when you get home. The Inglot sales assistant recommended cutting around the border of each individual shadow packaging with scissors rather than trying to peel the plastic open, and it’s a recommendation I endorse. Then there’s the satisfying snap as each pan attaches magnetically to the palette.

From top left, the shades I went with are as follows:

#152 Shine This is a gorgeous metallic taupe that looks silver in the pan but has a very brown shift to it. The metallic finish lasts all day and is really striking on the eyelid without having huge chunks of glitter. I wouldn’t usually go for metallics but as soon as I swatched this in the store I felt like I had to have it. (As much as a person has to have an eyeshadow.)

#12 Shine This is a more toned down shimmery red-brown. Upon reflection I probably own several shades like this already but I was overwhelmed, okay? That also tells me that it’s a colour I like and will definitely use, so there’s no big loss.

#407 Pearl This peachy shade is really interesting and you kind of have to see it in person to understand the full effect. It looks very pink in the pan but has a golden shimmer than is almost yellow. If you were going to compare this eyeshadow to the sky at a time of day, it would be the sunset. That was lame. You know what I mean.

#117 Rainbow Three shimmery shades meant I needed a matte one to balance them out, so I cheated and got this pan which has three in one. It was slightly more expensive than the single-colour pans but it has three great neutral grey-browns in so WORTH IT.

I know for a fact I used my Inglot palette the day I took this photo so although it’s not particularly clear, it’s there on my face. See also: my new, shorter hair which I am LOVING. Dead blonde is almost all gone now!

You can buy Inglot online but their website’s kinda shitty to navigate. I’d recommend using Beautylish, which has a much more user-friendly interface AND you can build your own virtual palettes.

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  • AN INGLOT STORE???!?!! Omg I would have gone crazy in there. Love your hair and your tatttooooooo <3 The colours are fab xx

  • spooky

    Your hair looks great and I love that tee you’re wearing.

    If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the story behind your tattoo?

    And on topic, I’ve never tried Inglot shadows, but I have always heard very good things. I’m trying to work through some older palettes atm, but once those babies are gone I will be investing in the Lorac Pro palette and definitely taking a look at Inglot.

    • Thank you! It’s a cool design eh, Spook the Horses is my boyfriend’s band.

      My tattoo has three of my favourite flowers: lilacs, hyacinths and then the big pansies in the middle. They’re flowers that were in the gardens of my childhood and that also seem to pop up in some of my favourite poetry 🙂

      I saw my friend’s Lorac Pro palette in person the other day and decided I MUST HAVE IT. The colours are so nice!

  • Love INGLOT. They have a free standing store in Westfeild Marion too. x