Spot clinic: treatments

It’s pimples week on Hyacinth Girl. There’s almost always at least one pimple on my face, so I suppose you could say it’s pimples week every week for me. I’ve got some particularly gnarly ones at the moment because weird and stressful things are happening in my life and my body chooses to manifest this through sudden bouts of pimples and tears. (Thank the dark lord for waterproof mascara.)

Today we’re looking at spot treatments. On a leopard-spotted background. GET IT!?

Let’s go straight into the good stuff with Eve Lom Dynaspot (NZ $58). By far the most expensive spot treatment (by volume) on this list, it’s also the most effective. Where Eve failed me with her balm cleanser (or, where my congestion-prone skin failed me), she’s redeemed herself with Dynaspot. This shit is the real deal. It has a dry, chalky texture so it’s no good for in the morning or under makeup. A dab of this at night, however, speeds up spot recovery time super quickly.

Murad Acne and Wrinkle Reducer (NZ $120) is, like Dynaspot, relying on salicylic acid to clear up acne, although I’m not sure how that works on wrinkles. It’s quite expensive but the full size comes in a pump bottle that will definitely last you a while. This has a thin, clear formula so you can apply it under makeup.

Trilogy Blemish Control Gel (NZ $24.90) is my jam for days when I can feel activity lurking under the surface of my skin, because it’s the type of thing you can apply in large areas across your face and not worry about it drying or peeling. It’s affordable, local and natural so for something you can apply morning and night, and throw into your bag, this is the one to go with.

Lastly is La Roche-Posay Effaclar A.I. (currently £8.90), part of the French pharmacy brand’s Effaclar range targeted for acne-prone skin. As well as offering healing effects for current pimples, this guy is meant to stop new ones forming and prevent dark spots and redness from being left behind. This stuff leaves a bit of residue on the skin so it doesn’t apply well under foundation, but it does the trick. I’ve found this most effective for big, swollen pimples that haven’t come to a head.

Next up in the pimple week series is a concealing trick I’ve been embracing lately. Expect to see that on Wednesday!

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  • I’m keen to try that trilogy one. The leopard print was a nice touch haha xx

    • Grab it if you get the chance, it’s awesome! The leopard print was actually unintentional, I only realised when I was writing the post :3

  • spooky

    I’m sorry to hear things in your life aren’t as great as they could be right now. I hope things improve soon.

    • Hey thanks love, I really appreciate it. I’ve been tossing up how much to share on the blog but I’ll wait until things settle down. Being a grown up is hard work!