Morgan: Sequins and brocades

From a fabric perspective, sequins and brocades are not the most low key choices. I’m a fairly low key person in how I clothe myself, so the likelihood of seeing me in glitter or gold is pretty slim (unless it’s my cat brocade Litas, and even then I can’t remember the last time I wore those).

I have also never been one for glitter nail polish or a ring finger feature nail. I didn’t even own any glitter nail polishes, or consider owning any, until I saw the Maybelline Color Show Brocades.

Sequins from the Boohoo Night Collection; brocade via Fashion Your Closet.

These were in Target in Australia, so I am hoping that they will be available in New Zealand soon. I don’t think they’re out here yet! (Edit: word from Maybelline NZ is that they won’t be launched here. I am sad about this.) They’re beautiful though, so beautiful that I bought two colours, thus infinitely multiplying the size of my glitter nail polish collection from zero to two.

I couldn’t quite commit to full glitter nails, so I went for the feature nail with Maybelline Knitted Gold over Essie Ladylike. This combination is fantastic. The reflects in the bigger pieces of glitter are an almost identical pink to the Essie shade. I like this because it kinda ties them together and makes the feature nail less jarring.

I’m still working on which nail colour to match the pink brocade polish with. I’m not going to go full glitter just because glitter is such a bitch to remove. Maybe I can go full glitter with my outfit, instead, with this playsuit which is pretty much Maybelline Knitted Gold in clothing form.

Now that I’ve made my first foray into glitter nail vibes, do you have any glitter polishes to recommend?

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  • This manicure is gorgeous! Haven’t quite ventured into glitter nails yet but this post kind of makes me want to 🙂

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

    • Thanks 🙂 I always dismissed glitter as juvenile or ostentatious but I really think this is the way to make it work!

  • I love the Essie glitter polish called Set In Stones, it’s so pretty & isn’t as difficult to remove as some other glitters. Sadly we can’t get it here yet :(, but it is stunning.

    Sophie x |

  • Wow! Absolutely love the brocades polish, I love glittery polish. Though, I did just see that you said it wont be making its way here to NZ! 🙁 I think i’ll do the same as try and import it – too pretty not to get! x

    • If you’re in Aus soon or have a friend going I’d definitely suggest grabbing it! Now I wish I had got all of them… :/

  • spooky

    I don’t know if it’s technically a glitter polish because it is so fine and deliciously easy to apply, but I have the Napoleon Perdis polish in Shevy. It’s in this ebay listing:

    I received the Imperial pack as a Christmas gift, and while I LOATHE the formula of the eyeshadow (seriously the worst and not a cheap brand!), I adore Shevy. It goes on super smoothly. It doesn’t last very long though, which is the only downside. Or maybe a plus? It removes quite easily.

    Your nails look great. I think the highlight nail suits you. 🙂