Morgan: Adelaide makeup and skincare haul

So I went to Adelaide a couple of weeks ago and given how quiet I’ve been about it on the blog you might be forgiven for thinking I didn’t buy any makeup while I was there. In reality, I tried to keep myself on a low-buy for the payday a fortnight before the trip, and then I got paid again the day before I left. I think this is all I bought that previous payday, which is really fucking good if you know my spending habits at all. They were all necessities… except for the nail polish.

All that saved up money meant I could go on a hella shopping trip to the city one of the days I was there, kindly supported by my Adelaide native friend Paige who patiently accompanied me through David Jones, Myer, Chemist Warehouse, Inglot, Kmart, Target AND more shops I’ve forgotten. Then I bought some more stuff at duty free on the way home. I was going to split this up into multiple posts but honestly, it’s more exciting to look at it all at once. (What’s pictured above is not all of it. Obviously.)

At duty free I grabbed the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil, after trying it in Myer. The Clarins consultant there, despite complimenting my eyebrows, had made repeated digs about the condition of my skin. She was like “You’ve got some congestion here [gesturing to my cheek]… and here too [other cheek], and really here and down through here too [forehead, nose, chin],” and naturally the only thing that would solve it is a full Clarins skincare routine including multiple exfoliators and oils. Although somewhat impolite of her, I couldn’t disagree – I just also couldn’t get in a word to explain that I’d been on a plane and hormones and other excuses. Mixed feelings on this oil, but I’ll keep giving it a chance.

I also took the slighly reduced prices as an opportunity to grab the Clinique Superprimer For Redness, which I’ve tried and liked before, but been put off by the NZ$50 price tag. It feels nice and silky, plus the Clinique consultant told me you can mix it with their CC cream or foundation when you’re in a rush. That is a neat idea that I am yet to try but still entranced by. I don’t know if mixing things is really conducive to hurrying, but I will try it and report back anyway.

Got some more Clinique mascara as a backup in order to qualify for the bonus gift which contained the above. I mostly wanted it for the eye cream, which I have decided I am going to try in order to banish my eye bags. These eye bags are mostly caused by lack of sleep, proper nutrition and hydration, but I figure it’s easier to add a step to my bedtime routine than change all those other things, right?


Oh god micellar water! Two kinds! I got the Garnier one when Priceline was closed on ANZAC day and it looked like I wouldn’t be able to get Bioderma… but the next day I made sure to track down a Priceline because I couldn’t pass it up. I don’t know what micellar means but it might as well mean magical, as far as removing makeup is concerned. More on these soon.

Here’s some more bits and pieces. Revlon was cheaper than it is over here AND it was 30% off at Target so I grabbed the two Colourburst balms I had been contemplating: the lacquer balm in Coy (I know, shiny brown, what the fuck Morgan) and the matte balm in Sultry.

Avene Thermal Spring Water because it was small and reminded me of having Evian spray on the plane when my family went to Disneyland in 1996. Shame you can’t take aerosols in your carry-on anymore, because that shit is hydrating. And fun. Mostly fun. It’s just water. I don’t know.

Lush The Guv’ner Deodorant Powder because it was weird and novel and smells like thyme. It’s ‘for men’, which is stupid. I’m a generally sweaty person so once I’ve used this more I’ll share my thoughts. First impressions suggest it is somewhat messy and does not pair well with white clothing.

Here are those Revlon lip products swatched. Coy is quite sheer and Sultry is every part as good as I thought it would be when I swatched it in Farmers when they first came out. Beautiful, A+, buy it immediately.

I lied, this isn’t everything I bought in Australia. I’ll save nail polishes for a separate post because this is really wordy now. Please do let me know if you’ve tried any of this stuff and how you feel about it!

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  • I reeeally want to hear about the Clinique eye cream! Goddamn those Reblon balms are good too, I think I bought my stepmum sultry for her birthday. Fab colors and looking forward to seeing moreeee xx

  • Paige

    That was such a productive day of shopping! I’m still planning out my Inglot palette. I’m glad you made it to a Priceline and duty free! I’ve been using my Garnier micellar water daily and I’m seriously impressed by it. I was skeptical of the claims of 200 uses per bottle but it truly is magic and I’m 100% convinced of its powers.

  • Shame about the eye cream. Moisture surge though. Ooof, love it.

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