LIPS | …she’s a vixen, not a tramp

Time to put the Spice Girls back in your head with another Blush Baby lipstick! Today it’s Vixen*, a rich ruby red that I would be happy to keep on my lips all winter.

This is the second Blush Baby lipstick I’ve featured lately and I still really like them. You can see how creamy and glossy it is on my lips. This does mean it transfers a bit after a while, especially when I drink out of a glass. (As an aside, I’m really bad at drinking out of glasses, and spill whatever I’m drinking about 60% of the time.)

On its own this lipstick is a bit pinker than it appears in these pictures, because here I’ve applied it over MAC lip pencil in Redd. A lipliner is pretty much essential under creamy lipsticks, especially if they’re prone to transferring. I always colour my whole lips in with liner, too, so I’m not left with a lip outline and no pigment on the centre of my lips. And I used Redd rather than a pinky liner because I’m kind of on the fence about fuchsia and magenta shades on me at the moment. Am I falling victim to seasonal colour rules? I hope not!

The eyes in this look are from this post, done with all Eye of Horus goodies. I know this look is heavy on the gratis products, but you guys know I’m always honest and what am I going to do, not use the products I’m sent to try?

Check out those eye bags. Side note: anyone got a good eye cream recommendation?

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  • I love the Bobbi Brown Hydrating eye cream! It is pricey but I love how it can be worn under makeup too, it really makes a difference pre-undereye concealer.

    Sophie x

    • Ooh, I might have to pop to the Bobbi Brown counter and check it out. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • I really need to try some Bobbi Brown products! Love this colour on you Morgan xx

  • the colour suits you so well! 🙂 have you tried Kiehl’s under eye cream with avocado? I got it a few days ago and I’m already seeing results. 🙂 xx

    • Thanks! I haven’t tried it, in fact I haven’t tried anything from Kiehls! There is a counter near me though, so I will definitely go check it out.

  • What a baaaabe. I think under eye circles are often genetic 🙁 Just like my stupid smile lines. I love that bold red lip, I’ve gotta try some Blush Baby products.

    • Aww thanks Lena! Their lipsticks are definitely worth picking up. I’ve still got to try my straight up purple shade in public!