Morgan: Adelaide travel skincare

I went to Adelaide over the weekend. I know that sounds pretty blasé, as if it wasn’t an international trip that was kind of a big deal, but we were only there for a few nights. You may not have known that if you looked at the makeup and skincare I packed. I relished the opportunity to wheel out every travel-sized piece of skincare I own, in case of any and all skin-related mishaps. Here’s what I took and why.

First up, cleansing. I didn’t have a mini of my Trilogy gentle cleanser, so I took this guy: a 30ml tube of their regular Cream Cleanser. This was in a Trilogy bonus set but you can get it in their Rosehip Collection, which actually features a few of my favourite Trilogy products and is a nice way to try the brand if you’re new to it.

I like to have an exfoliating cleanser handy, so the Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser was perfect. I would use this every 2-3 days or when my skin feels like it needs some exfoliating; I can usually tell by touch. Really good for travelling as your skin can get a bit hammered by the frequent changes of air, and end up looking dull.

Third in this pic is an imposter: not a cleanser at all but the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. What I like about this is it’s basically invisible on the skin, so you can slather it on when you’re on the plane to ward off the dry air without anyone looking at you funny. Your skin will just slurp it up, or else you can cleanse, moisturise and apply makeup before you get off the plane if you feel the need to look glamorous upon landing. I am King Comfort when flying, though, so this is not a factor for me.

The MAC Oil Control Lotion is my ordinary morning moisturiser of choice, but I’ll layer it over the Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream when I’m travelling because have you not been reading? All moisture, all the time! These actually work really well in combination, too.

Bepanthen because it is amazing and can kind of do the same thing as the Origins mask but it’s got added antibacterial properties. It’s both my and Harriet’s night cream of choice. You’ll smell like a baby’s butt and people on the plane around you might wonder why you’re putting nappy cream on your face but they don’t know. If you’re not running low like me, offer it to them and they will understand.

You might be wondering why I needed two spot treatments on top of the Bepanthen and the answer is that I like to be overly prepared. I also like to risk losing BOTH of my favourite spot treatments by carrying them in the same bag. (I didn’t lose any bags on this trip, but I did leave my parka on the plane/at the airport/somewhere where I am not.) Eve Lom Dynaspot is good for the heavy duty spots before bed, and La Roche-Posay Effaclar A.I. is invisible, so you can chuck it on before makeup. Come at that shit from both sides.

NUXE Rêve de Miel Honey Lip Balm is all you’ll ever need in the lip balm stakes. It’s pretty thick but soaks into your lips really quickly and smells divine. A bit hard to use if you have long nails, unless you like getting lip balm stuck behind your nails, and I guess the pot form makes it kinda unhygienic, but honey is antibacterial so it all balances out. And don’t share it with anyone. But it’s expensive anyway so keep a close eye on it and tell anyone you’re travelling with to get their own.

Do you have any must-have travel skincare products I’ve missed?

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  • Love this post! I suck at packing – especially for skincare and socks. I’d probably use that as an excuse to go shopping if I ever go on an international trip sometime soon. x

    • I always forget something! Even though I packed plenty of skincare for this trip, that doesn’t mean I didn’t go shopping too 🙂