Morgan: Gold eyeliner and GPOY

I’m still on a weird eye makeup thing. This time it’s a gold thing. “Take your makeup from day to night with a slick of gold eyeliner” kind of thing. If you were reading this in Allure that’s what the tagline would be.

I bought Allure this week for the first time – I was walking past the newsagent on my way to lunch with workmates and spotted it through the window. “I have something very important to do,” I said, and dashed inside. I didn’t even stop to see how much it was ($14) and I haven’t read it yet. It’s the March issue so it’s probably going to be a big waste of paper now.

This is the pre-gold winged liner. I wore this all day and it didn’t smudge – shout out to my Stila liquid liner for the solid effort. Winged liner used to be my staple, it’s all I’m wearing if you go through all my old Photobooth selfies from before they were called selfies and they were just photos of yourself. Or GPOY. Is gpoy still a thing?

You will need: some gold things. I have a Lime Crime liquid liner in Rhyme and the NARS eyeshadow in Silent Night. I think the NARS shadow was limited edition, but it’s not that great so you’re not missing out on much. It’s flaky and has a lot of fallout. It might be good with a liquid primer/mixing medium, but I can’t be bothered faffing with it that much, to be honest.

I’m a little bit iffy about using Lime Crime, but as it turns out this liner is also discontinued, so I don’t need to feel weird about recommending it or not recommending it. I’d suggest going for something like this one from NYX instead. It actually doesn’t matter, you just want a liquid liner in a colour that isn’t black.

Lay it down in an even line above your black liner – you’ll probably need to go back over the black liner to tidy up the edge. And cotton buds. Lots of cotton buds. Make sure that gold stays where you put it and nowhere else. (This is especially challenging for those of us with hooded eyes and no patience to keep looking down.)

Chuck a bit of gold shadow along your lower lashline to balance the look out and you’re done. Easy. Glamorous. Fashionistaa~~

I’m still thinking of other ways I can change up the regular winged liner. What’s your favourite twist on the classic?

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  • I loved the gold eyeliner look on Lenny Kravtitz in The Hunger Games.

    • I haven’t seen Hunger Games! I’m waiting til I read the books first… which I still haven’t got around to. I’ll have to keep an eye out for him!

  • I really like this look! Will try it on Saturday I think. I just got an email saying that if you spend $50 on the Stila online shop today/tomorrow you get five of their metallic liners free (!!!). Don’t mean to sound like an ad but it’s a sweet deal. Thanks for sharing this with us! x

    • Oh nice, I might have to make an order… that’s an amazing deal! Thanks for letting me know!

  • Fuuuuuuuck this is amazing. I’d like to look like this every day tbh.

  • kezia

    I like using brown and navy blue liner as an alternative to the standard black. I’m so keen to buy a mixing medium so I can turn all my beautiful shadows and pigments into stunning liners!

    • Brown’s really good for tightlining, too! The MAC mixing medium is great 🙂

  • Vic

    Really like this look! What makes you iffy about Lime Crime? (just wondering)

    • Thank you!!

      Xenia/Doe Deere, the founder/owner has some questionable business practices, but I won’t go into it too much – there’s a lot online already if you want to read about it