Morgan: April wishlist

So basically it’s 10 pm on Wednesday night and I’m making lists of things I want to buy. This wishlist is in paper form and not a nice collage because I wrote it while I was in the bathroom with a treatment on my hair and a mask on my face (the sans ceuticals pH & Shine Corrector and the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, if you’re wondering). Laptops and wet environments don’t really mix.

The list started when I decided I was done raging at my stupid L’Oreal EverSleek shampoo. It should be named EverFrizz. It has tipped the scales on my long-term Bumble & Bumble crush, until now only indulged through foil packets and travel sizes; I’ll be buying the Thickening Shampoo and SuperRich Conditioner as soon as the VIB 15% sale starts at Sephora.

The MAC Proenza Schouler collection launches online on April 24, and in stores in New Zealand on May 24. Despite the packaging making this collection look alarmingly like replica MAC, I’ll definitely be needing those ombre face powders. LOOK AT THEM. I need them.

While I’m picking those up, why not throw in a few more MAC skincare friends? Grace used the Softening Lotion on me when I went in last week. (I bought Heroine and a beautiful Extra Dimension eyeshadow, if you’re wondering about that too). It softened my skin. I didn’t realise my skin needed softening, but now I have seen the light. And the Charged Water spray just smells fucking good. It does a similar job to Fix+, but I mostly want it for frivolous, scent-related reasons. That’s really all that needs to be said about it.

There’s Bioderma on that list too because I was going to order the Bumble & Bumble stuff from Escentual, which carries Bioderma, until I realised it would be cheaper to order from Sephora. Bioderma may still get purchased.

Lastly is the Stila liquid liner in Amber! It is pretty and will match my eye colour almost perfectly so I want to try it out.

What’s on your wishlist?

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  • Copied from the digital post-it on my desktop is:

    nyx matte lip creams
    nyx green concealer
    elf highlight stick thing
    nyx wonder pencil
    lime crime pink velvet
    chi chi nude palette
    purple lipstick
    illamasqua something
    Garden of wisdom green tea cleanser
    MAC Strobe cream?/Prep and Prime primer

    I also had Naked 3 on there for months and months but I’m finally getting it so it’s crossed off now! I’m going to go and ask to try the strobe cream and prep and prime primer to see what’s more suited for me this weekend I think.

    • Ooh I would happily have everything on your wishlist, good choices! I have the strobe cream and really like it but it’s a bit much for me day-to-day – also because I have quite oily skin. Definitely worth trying them both if you get the chance!
      You must be so excited for the Naked 3 😀

      • My skin is dry, so I think it might work well for me, but want to try it before I commit. I’m soooo excited for the Naked 3. I’m actually doing an exchange with a girl I met in the Reddit makeup addiction chat, she REALLY wants some Australis Velourlips and other random NZ/AUS makeup products. That makes it even more exciting, because it’s giving and receiving gifts!!

  • I have had a list of MAC products on my desk for weeks now that I still havent picked up! I really wanna get..
    – Pro longerwear concealer
    – Shaping Powder in Emphasize
    – Creme Cup, Creme D Nude and Heroine
    – Prep n Prime Pen in Lightboost
    – Azalea in the Afternoon blush from the new collection

    It’s so anoying that I cant order with my pro card online! Keeps putting me off ordering because I have to call and order over the phone from Sydney

    • Ooh yes I really want to try the Pro Longwear concealer too! I hear it’s really good for not creasing under the eyes. And I love Light Boost! Great picks. Shame you have to call to order, that’s really annoying!

    • I want to try that concealer! I tried one of their concealers but it creased quite badly. I don’t have major under eye lines, and I think it looks worse if I have creased concealer/foundation in them, rather than just leaving them alone. I’ve seen lots of reviews that pro longwear is really good though.

  • Hannah

    Lime Crime Chinchilla, Porefessional, NARS creamy concealer and Mac pro-longwear concealer annnnnd MAC Cyber and whatever sexy goodness that dark lippy in the Proenza Schouler collection is. drool.
    Also I have the Charged Water spray and I have found it quite average… maybe you will have better luck ? I hope so!
    Morgan, you blog <3 AHHH

    • Hmm it is a tricky one because it doesn’t really… do… anything! So it’s a little hard to justify spending money on it. Maybe I’ll go with Fix+ instead.
      You haveeee to get the NARS creamy concealer! It is miles better than any other concealer I’ve tried. I don’t understand how it can be so perfect for spots AND under the eyes AND highlighting <3
      And thank you!! x

  • The MAC ombre blushes look bloody beautiful, on my wishlist for sure!

  • Anja

    I’ve got a MAC order a-brewing too…
    Eyeshadow quad, a CCB and a blush.

    • Nice, what shades are you going to get?

      • Anja

        I still haven’t decided 100%, but I’m thinking Amber Lights (thanks to you lol), Sketch, Nocturnelle and Crystal Avalanche (I’ve been trying to find a dupe of that beautiful blue-ish highlight from the Nars duo you had a post on, but I don’t think MAC have anything like it :””'( )

  • Did you love the softening lotion? It is THE most amazing thing on the planet is it not?

    • I love it so much! It became a daily staple instantly and I can’t imagine life without it. Did you say you have the whole range? What else would you recommend?