Morgan: Navy blue eyes

I’ve been feeling more experimental with my makeup lately, so when I was asked to write a guest post on the Ezibuy blog I thought I’d go for a navy blue vibe. I’ve been repping bright lip colours for a few years, and as I get better at applying eyeshadow and figuring out what works on my hooded eyelids, I’m realising I can #makeitwork with interesting colours on my eyes, too. (Well, probably not at the same time.)

This is just a quick heads up, but I’ll leave you with another look from the Ezibuy post. I had fun creating the looks and will definitely continue to use the things I bought for the post – believe it or not, I didn’t already have a bright blue mascara in my collection. The products I used are the Chi Chi Stay On Eyeliner in Addicted to Love, with MAC Ravishing on the lips; a navy blue MIKI liquid liner that only cost $3 from the pharmacy, with MAC Brick O La on the lips, and the Australis Mega Lash in Electric Blue, worn with MAC Amber Lights on my lids.

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  • Morgan, you always look so flawless! The blue makes your eyes look amazing xx

    • Thank you so much Elese! It’s crazy how orangey it makes my eyes look, eh? This has inspired me to play with more blues around my eyes

      • Yeah they look way more hazel-y! You have inspired me – I might do a navy smoky eye tomorrow 🙂

  • spooky

    I don’t know whether I should comment here or there! I admire your liquid eyeliner skills. I am yet to master liquid, honestly. The outer corners of my eyes must slope down a little, I guess, because I can never seem to get the cute up-tick that other people can. And that’s even with me TRYING to do the up-tick. Argh.

    I hope Ezibuy will ask you to write for them. I enjoyed the post. Full disclosure, I *don’t* love the colour blue, and blue makeup scares the living heck out of me, but I enjoyed the post. I’m also an Ezibuy customer, so there’s that, for what it’s worth. 😉

    • I have a lot of practice with liquid liner! I remember meeting a friend in 2008 who had perfect liquid liner skills and I was certain I would NEVER be able to do it as good as hers. I find a pen-style liner really helps! If you think it would be useful, I might do a step-by-step post with liquid liner soon?

      Oh by the way, I don’t know your name!

      • spooky

        I would LOVE a liquid eyeliner tute! What a great idea.

        I will email you my name. 🙂