Morgan: I got my eyebrows threaded and it was fine

I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time ever a few weeks ago. Up until now I’ve always taken care of my own brow maintenance, pretty much exclusively by just tweezing when necessary and then otherwise leaving them alone. I don’t know what exactly spurred me to make an appointment to get them done; I think I’m getting more adventurous since I started blogging, plus, I wanted them to look nice for the Makeup Obsessives meetup.

My appointment at East Day Spa ended up having to be at the very end of a very busy day, and I somehow forgot to take a proper before photo. I think this is a good close up to give you an idea of how my eyebrows were looking a little scruffy. I made it all old-timey so you know that this was in the past. Later on in this post there is a post threading, no makeup vs post threading, full makeup before and after, too.

Threading is a hair removal technique I still don’t entirely understand, however it involves someone rolling twisted threads over unwanted hairs and pulling them out. Obviously there’s some skill required and you can’t just do it to yourself. The technique originated in India but has become more popular here in recent years – I had never heard about it until my late teens, though, and I don’t think it ever came up in any of the Creme or Dolly magazines I read when I was younger.

As an aside, the only hair removal method I really remember from teen magazines was the SilkyMit, which they were always hawking as an alternative to shaving, and I desperately coveted one. Then I found them in a pharmacy when I had a $10 gift card to spend, and discovered they were no more than a kind of ineffective sandpaper for your legs. Judging by this picture I found they also make a facial version, which is even more terrifying.

I booked at East Day Spa for my threading appointment because it was close to my work and I’ve had really nice pedicures there before. It cost $18, which sounded reasonable to me, but apparently you can pay as little as $8 at other places.

The procedure itself required me lying down and often pulling my brows taut to help the therapist. It stings, but no more than you’d expect from having a bunch of hairs pulled out of your face. I was nervous until Callum reminded me that I have a tattoo, and if I can handle that, I can handle threading.

It felt like she had pulled every single hair that has ever grown out of my face, and I was lying there priming myself for looking in the mirror and having no brows left. I realised I hadn’t specified to her that I like thicker brows. (Like Scarlett Johansson’s natural brows in this photo of her with no makeup on for Vanity Fair.*) To be honest there wouldn’t be much point me telling the lady that because she’s a threader, not a miracle worker, and she can’t put hairs where there aren’t any.

I sat up when she was done and was pleasantly surprised by how clean and tidy my brows looked (well duh). They are maybe a little thinner than I would have done myself, but she’s given me a really good shape that I can work with and build on with eyebrow pencil and powder.

Now for a first (I think) in Hyacinth Girl history, here’s a photo of me with absolutely no makeup on at all, taken at 7 am, fresh from getting up with sleep still in my eyes. Thin but tidy eyebrows, tired face, move along please.

And here’s my after, with a full face of makeup. I took these photos a little while ago so I don’t remember exactly what products I used, but it probably goes something like this: NARS Sheer Glow, NARS creamy concealer, Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder, Anastasia Brow Wiz, Diorshow mascara, MAC Wedge in the crease. I’ve got the residue of like three different lipsticks on, all of which I decided weren’t right, and then I just threw some lip balm on top of what was left.

For useful purposes that are entirely unrelated to my eyebrows, I thought I’d take a photo of what my makeup looks like at the end of the day, after being at work for 9 hours. This is with no touch ups during the day, although I did put on the Revlon Colourburst Lacquer Balm in Vivacious.

I’m going to try and maintain this shape through tweezing, but I expect I’ll go back to East Day Spa and have them threaded again fairly soon. I would recommend it there, although unfortunately I don’t remember the lady who did mine’s name.

Do you get your brows threaded? Or do you prefer waxing? Tweezing? Au naturel?

* I know, I really shoehorned this into the post. But it’s a really nice photo of her and she is beautiful but also makes me feel better about putting my bare face on the internet.

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  • I used a silky mit once. It was the most horrendous thing ever. Really irritated my skin and ended up with a few ingrown hairs in my legs -_-

    • As much as I hate the repetition of shaving my legs, the Silky Mit definitely put me off trying any alternatives!

  • I get my brows threaded about every two weeks. I remember the first time I got mine threaded, it was different kind of pain – but nothing that we can’t handle right? Me and my beautician are friends, she’s the only one I trust with my brows now!

    • I think the pain is definitely worth it for how clean and polished your brows look afterwards!