Morgan: very good Indeed

I love a good pun. The more groan-inducing, the better! Today I’m punning about the skincare serums from Indeed Labs. Their serum Hydraluron is a bit of a cult favourite and Nanoblur purports to have transformative magic Photoshoppy effects on your skin’s appearance. I know I spent upwards of $100 on a hydrating serum recently and I’m not particularly old so I don’t really need an anti-aging serum like Snoxin but…

Sometimes you can’t help but get swept up in the combined effect of skincare guru Caroline Hirons hyping Hydraluron, and Indeed Labs’ cute packaging. You know how most skincare serums and anti-aging products look sophisticated and old-fashioned and sciency but boring? It’s because they’re designed for older people with older skin who (I assume) don’t get excited about minimalism and co-ordinating fluorescent caps. I guess that’s how Indeed Labs is doing so well, because they’ve managed to convince people in their twenties and probably their teens that they need hydrating serums and anti-aging serums and whatever Nanoblur does.

But seriously. If the full-size products weren’t sleek enough, they’ve packaged their three biggest sellers into the cutest mini sample set ever. The Indeed Labs Set of 3 Sampler Kit comes with three 5ml tubes of Hydraluron, Snoxin and Nanoblur. It’s £12.99 from Boots in the UK but keep an eye out because they often have sales on skincare. I picked this up a while ago, but I wanted to make sure I liked the products before I talked about them here.

Well, Hydraluron does just as good a job as my (very) expensive Eve Lom Hydrating Serum does. The packaging is a different type of sleek and minimal, but I have to admit that a squeezy tube is slightly more functional than the eyedropper on the Eve Lom bottle, as gorgeous as it is. The hyaluronic acid which is the active ingredient in this product binds to water molecules in crazy quantities, like 1,000 times its weight in water, and if you follow with a moisturiser it means that water stays in your skin, keeping it hydrated and looking plump, rather than dry and sad.

And my skin actually does feel more plump when I use Hydraluron regularly. Not plump like ‘I put on 4kg since I last weighed myself’ (that’s true too, but nothing to do with Hydraluron), but plump like ‘there is a healthy layer of fleshy, living skin under my fingers, not just some tissuey surface that is somehow both oily and dry’.

Snoxin is a multi-peptide anti-aging serum, which I probably don’t need at 23 but it’s always good to start early. I pair this with Hydraluron at night and it keeps my skin hydrated and will ward off any fine lines as they threaten to develop. Sophie/nanawintour spotted this at Farmers and gave Twitter a heads up, so I hustled on down to Farmers Lambton Quay where I found it hidden away along with some Nanoblur at the very bottom of an endcap display. Unfortunately Farmers don’t stock Hydraluron but fingers crossed they will soon.

I don’t have a lot to say about Nanoblur because I haven’t had much luck with using it. Indeed Labs are a bit sparing with their instructions but apparently you can apply Nanoblur on its own or over makeup to cause an optical blurring effect that basically makes your skin look mega smooth. Every time I’ve tried it over foundation it just pills up and sits on the surface weirdly. I’m going to keep trying because I don’t want to give up on it completely. I know Hristina managed to make it work, and she’s a real person that I’ve seen and talked to and she definitely isn’t a PR robot, so that’s promising!

Indeed Labs‘ products are on the whole pretty tricky to get in New Zealand, but hopefully Farmers will expand their range soon. I bought my mini set from Boots through Youshop, but you can also find Indeed Labs products in Priceline in Australia and Walgreens in the United States.

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  • Welly Mum

    I am addicted to Caroline Hirons and bought Hydraluron on her recommendation! I am loving it. Am also using Pepta-bright. The whole range is now at Farmers Lambton Quay and the pharmacy next door.

    • How do you find Pepta-Bright? That one might be next on my list now they’re all available here!

      • We’ll Mum

        I really like Pepta-bright and think it is making a difference to some acne scars/pigmentation that I have. It smells a bit odd though but I am getting used to it – and worth it for the overall improvement I have seen.