Morgan: finally, the palette itself!

I promised it… and here it is. My custom 15 pan MAC eyeshadow palette! I know we’ve been talking MAC eyeshadow palettes a lot lately, but this is the real thing and I had to share it with you. I thought I better get this post up fast, because this morning I was doing my eyeshadow and I may have knocked the palette off the table and it may have fallen on the floor, and the pans may have all fallen out… Apart from a minor gouge in Amber Lights, they’re all intact, but it was definitely a reminder to post about it before I destroy it by being clumsy! To be fair, this morning was my first day back at work and I was NOT at my best at 7.30 am.

Here’s how my palette arrived on Christmas morning, with each shadow painstakingly gift-wrapped individually by my Mum (and with help from my Dad and brother, apparently, which is why some are tidier than others). Callum and I hosted Christmas brunch at our house, with my family and his Dad, so I waited until we had eaten and the house was relatively tidy again before ripping into these.

I didn’t have my computer on hand to check whether my layout corresponded to how it looked when I ordered the shadows online, but here’s what I ended up with. You can visit the original post to see what I started out with.

Across the top: Vanilla, Omega, Sumptuous Olive, All That Glitters, Rule.
Middle row: Shroom, Wedge, Espresso, Amber Lights, Red Brick.
Bottom: Brule, Quarry, Mystery, Coppering, Antiqued.

I have been loving using this since I got it. I can sit down and have everything I need in front of me, including for my eyebrows – I’ve been playing around and am quite pleased with how Espresso looks in my brows, applied with the angled brush we DIY’d last year. All That Glitters on the lid and Mystery in the crease have made up my favourite quick eye look.

I’ve also been playing around with the red shades. Red eyeshadow is not something I’d usually be inclined to try, but after favouring Benefit Hoola bronzer through my crease when I’m in a hurry, the obvious next step is to buy matte orange and red shades. Right?

What do you think about my palette? Good choices? Any must-have shadows I’ve missed?

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  • I love the colors you have in that palette, it looks pretty perfect! I’m not a MAC eyeshadow expert, so I’d love to hear more of your thoughts on them. It’s so sweet that your family wrapped all of the singles up!

    • I’ll post more about them as I get more familiar with them, but there will be a post soon on using the red shades! I am noticing differing quality between different colours so once I know firmly how I feel about them and can compare them to other high end shadows I own, I’ll do so!

  • I’m so jealous I really want a custom palette of all the neutrals with a few random colours like yours. Also I am now going to try my hoola bronzer in my crease now that you mentioned it 🙂

    • It’s great when you’re in a rush, especially if you’ve used Hoola on your cheeks too because it makes you look really put together!

  • spooky

    Do you know if the eyeshadow shades you chose are for cool or warm tones? I am a cool, and I do know I look better when I wear complementary colours, but when they’re not marked as being for warm or cool tones, it’s a lot harder to choose what’s right for me. Red shadows, for instance, always make me look highly strung and bloodshot. I can’t help but wonder, how does anybody use them, and still look fresh and alert? Maybe a warm tone person, I don’t know.

    It’s interesting that you’ve noted the quality of the shadows differ, even within the one brand. I’d love to know why. I can only guess that it has to be something to do with the pigment used? Again, I don’t know.

    • I just chose shades that I was interested in trying or that I know look good on me – there are no strict rules on what people with warm or cool tones should wear, and I think it’s restrictive to think in that way! I usually wear a slightly warmer toned foundation but have been matched to both in different brands, and can get away with wearing either. Because I’ve got golden shades (like Amber Lights and Antiqued) as well as purply/grey shades like Omega, Quarry and Mystery, this palette I think would work for both!

      You might like my latest post if you’re wondering how to make red shadows work!

  • God it’s bloody gorgeous! Gimme gimme gimme!