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This is only a few of the empties that I’ve been collecting since starting Hyacinth Girl in September. Eventually I decided it was time to purge the mountain of garbage and share it with you all. There’s a good selection of skincare, haircare and makeup in here, although it’s mostly eyebrow and mascara products. Anyway! Read on to see what I used up, what I had to replace right away and what I’m feeling meh about.

Let’s do this logically, starting with skincare.

Trilogy Very Gentle Cleansing Cream – I bought this at the end of October and finished it this week. Given that I use it twice daily and double-cleanse in the evenings (I use it as a makeup remover too), that’s not a bad run. It’s expensive ($45) but worth it. I had bought two more of these before this tube ran out, so definitely a repurchase!

Home Essentials Witch Hazel – I used to use this every day as a toner, but I don’t anymore. I did repurchase this but I reserve it for when my skin feels really gunked up and needs something astringent. This does have alcohol in it, which is not good for most people’s skin, but mine gets quite oily and even using this daily I didn’t find that it dried my skin out too much. Must just be a thing unique to my weird skin.

MAC Oil Control Lotion – this is my holy grail morning moisturiser. I don’t think I’d recommend it to most people to use on its own, but it works very well for me. I found it similar to the Origins Zero Oil moisturiser, but that one smells like aniseed, which I don’t like. MAC skincare on the other hand has a unique smell which I can’t quite place, but I’m fond of it. For some reason these little tubes work out cheaper than buying the larger ones, and I’ve already bought two more.

Antipodes Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream – this is my holy grail night-time moisturiser! Even though it’s a day cream, I find it heavy enough on my skin to last all night. It smells really good (like everything from Antipodes), is 100% natural and 71% organic. I’m not particularly fussed on whether or not my skincare is natural and organic, but it’s a nice plus when it is. Again, a definite repurchase.

Paul and Joe Night and Day eye creams – these did nothing at all… well, to be fair, I never tried the night one, but the day one did nothing. The Ole Hendriksen serum was the same, although I think with serums like this you do need to try them out for a longer period before you can judge them. An Ole Hendriksen eye cream made Harriet’s eyes all puffy and stingy, so I’m not going to go out of my way to try anything else from them (him?) soon.

The Eve Lom cleanser was a heartbreaking disappointment for me! It came with a mini muslin cloth, which was worth it on its own (worth it? what am I saying, this was a free sample) but the cleanser just did not agree with my skin. I tried this before I settled on the aforementioned Trilogy cleanser, so it was before I realised that heavy, balmy cleansers are just not for me.

Antipodes Lip Balm – this is a little bit pricey as far as lip balms go (about $15) but it’s worth it. I didn’t actually use this tube up; one day when I pulled the cap off the balm flew out and onto the wet road in front of me, so there’s no way I was going to pick it up (I might have if it was on, like, my table, because I’m gross). I bought a new one after trying to survive using my EOS balm and eventually admitting that this one is much better.

IT Cosmetics Brow Power – I got this free with an order from Beauty.com once. It was a medium taupe colour that it alleges is ‘universal’, based on how heavily you apply it. I appreciated that it leaned grey rather than a warm brown, but I only used it when I ran out of better brow pencils. Then one day I tried to twist it up and there was nothing there… very mysterious. I don’t see myself repurchasing this.

Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil in Honey Blonde – I grabbed this with a Sephora order one time to see how it compared to the Anastasia Brow Wiz, and I chose blonde because I wasn’t happy with how dark my brows were looking. This was okay but it ran out very quickly. I would repurchase if these were easier to order (i.e. if I could still order direct from Sephora) and if I had a discount voucher.

Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash – I have gone through so many of these. They last longer than the Sephora ones but still run out quite quickly, and there’s nothing worse than being halfway through drawing your brows on and running out of product. I did repurchase this but at $22 USD it’s a little steep, so am currently ~exploring other options~. At the moment I’m enjoying using MAC Espresso eyeshadow with a small angled brush.

Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara – this is actually my backup tube pictured as I threw out the other one without thinking. So obviously I liked this enough to repurchase, although at the moment I’ve switched loyalties to Diorshow. I’ve also got an Urban Decay mascara to try out next, so it may be a little while before I return to this little guy. At $3 he’s decent enough.

Benefit They’re Real mascara – I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I used it pretty much daily for a while so I must have been happy with it, but when I think back all I can visualise is spidery lashes. It’s a bit of a pain to get off and I don’t think I’d buy it without trying other mascaras first, but I wouldn’t mind revisiting at some point.

These two samples got dug out of the drawer when I was researching sunscreen. The Cotz one went on quite nicely – as you can see it says ‘silky soft’, and the finish was very similar to Benefit Porefessional, so it would work well as a primer underneath makeup. Unfortunately I have no idea where you can buy it from and it’s almost definitely not available in New Zealand.
The Boscia one I was indifferent to and I think it made me oilier. For an expensive brand I wouldn’t bother seeking this out.

Hourglass Liquid Powder Foundation – I tried this out after reading Robyn’s mixed review on it and realising I had a sample. It is a strange formula (basically what you’d expect from something called liquid powder) and dries very matte. As soon as it dries you can’t work it into your skin anymore, so you have to work quickly. Unfortunately I found it pilled up over my skincare and I had to take it off completely and reapply all my makeup.

H20+ Night Cream – how did this sneak into the makeup samples photo? Anyway, I like this H20+ brand. I use their exfoliating cleanser, which is a dual acting chemical and physical exfoliator, a couple of times a week. Apparently this is the brand that Disney uses on their cruises. This stuff was fine.

Dior HydraLife BB Eye Creme – remember when I was desperate to try this and then I realised I had a sample of it all along? It’s nothing special, sadly, although I’m glad I discovered that before I spent $84 NZD on it. I much prefer the NARS Creamy Concealer for under the eyes.

L’Oreal EverPure Moisture Deep Restorative Masque – I got this from the supermarket and was really pleased with what it did to my hair. I use the rest of the EverPure range (shampoo and conditioner) but would alternate this with regular conditioner since my hair is so dead. I haven’t repurchased it because I bought a different L’Oreal one instead, but would definitely recommend this to anyone with coloured hair.

Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing range and PrX Reparatives range – I had samples of the shampoo, conditioner and masks from both of these ranges. They were really good but again, they’re not available in New Zealand. I could buy online but haircare is quite heavy so the shipping cost would be prohibitive. Bummer!

Sans Ceuticals Nourishing Hair Hydratant – The Sans Ceuticals range is what Matt uses when he does my hair at the salon so it’s a bit of a luxury when I get to use it at home. Maybe one day when I’m rich enough to buy fancy haircare as well as fancy makeup, I’ll use this at home, but in the meantime I’ll wait and look forward to when I get these little samples.

Well, that was a lot of looking at photos of empty packaging. I really enjoy it when bloggers/youtubers talk about products they’ve used up so hopefully some of you guys do too. I’ll make sure to do my next one sooner so it’s not such a massive post!

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  • That witch hazel is great for after shaving, to help with ingrown hairs~

  • So many empties! Lots of really lovely things here 🙂 I’ve never heard of a lot of them! 🙂

    • I always forget we have readers from around the world! I’ll have to remember to say where I got things next time I do this kind of post. There’s a mix of products here but some of them are only available in New Zealand!