Morgan: Screw you, Sephora, or, why I don’t need the Naked 3

Clockwise: Benefit Hoola, NARS blush in Deep Throat, Laura Geller Blush-n-Brighten in Pink Buttercream, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Stereo Rose.

The Urban Decay Naked 3 palette has just come out, and everyone in the online beauty world seems to be completely enamoured with it. Despite saying over on the Goodiebox blog last week that I haven’t been excited about any of the main Naked palettes, I did attempt to buy this one from Sephora.

Unfortunately Sephora seem to have stopped any gaps in their systems that have allowed us in New Zealand to make orders: purchases made with New Zealand credit and debit cards are getting cancelled, no matter whether you put in your NZ billing address or use the Youshop address instead; purchases made with travel cards like Loaded or Cash Passport, and with virtual credit cards like Entropay are getting cancelled; and they flat out won’t ship to the New Zealand Post Youshop warehouse at all.

As a result of Sephora being dicks and my order getting cancelled I have decided I do NOT need the Naked 3 palette after all. I set about convincing myself I can make do with what I already have, and found a pleasant surprise (hint: the photo at the top of this post completely gives it away…)

I found this out when, the other Saturday, I woke up at 8:14 and was meant to start work at 8:30. I actually made it to work on time (!), but I had to forgo my entire makeup routine, including cleansing, to do so. I only had time to snatch up the products I had left dumped in front of my makeup mirror from the day before, and hoped I’d have some sneaky time at work to put them on before too many people saw me.

(Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind people seeing me with no makeup on, and I’ve been late to work with no makeup on before. But I don’t particularly like enduring a day full of questions like ‘Morgan, are you ok? You look tired!’ and ‘Are you sick?’ Plus, I love makeup. Come on now.)

My arsenal ended up consisting of: NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser in Alaska, NARS Pressed Powder in Flesh, NARS Blush in Deep Throat, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla (no prizes for guessing my favourite brand here), a Maybelline Define-A-Brow pencil and Diorshow mascara. I grabbed my Real Techniques powder brush, buffing brush and the Artiste angled blush brush.

(If you’re wondering how I can remember exactly what I had it’s because I am writing this post on the day it happened and my makeup bag is right in front of me!)

This combo leaves my skin and brows sorted, but I’ve been reluctant to leave my eyes bare at the moment. I just feel a bit of eyeshadow gives my face some more life, you know? I guess I could have lined my eyes with the brown eyebrow pencil, but that did not occur to me at the time.

Look, it’s me at work looking very tired. The scarf is a uniform btw.

Instead I went for a decent amount of the blush all over my lids. Expertly applied with a ring finger, it took me right back to high school where fingers were the preferred tool of choice for eye makeup, if only because the choice was between fingers and free foam applicators.

Fingers are actually fine when you’re only going for one colour. No blending needed! The blush took a bit of layering to build up to visible colour, but I think the result was really flattering. Weird, because you wouldn’t expect pink to do anything for your eyes except simulate conjunctivitis, but I suppose when you think about it, it’s a flattering colour on the cheeks, so what difference does it make if it’s two inches further up on your face?

I recreated the look for a better photo. So realistic, I even forewent (forgot) mascara and got kinda haphazard with my coverage.

Basically what I am saying here is this: the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette is dominated by pink and rose gold tones. My blush collection is also dominated by pink and rose gold tones. The token ‘we figured you needed some browns and taupes so we threw a couple in’ shades at the right end of the Naked 3 palette can be found in everyone’s eyeshadow collection; they’re nothing special.

So save yourself $52 US (and at least 20 more by the time you’ve got it to New Zealand), take a deep breath, ignore the hype. I mean, buy the Naked 3 if you want, but don’t feel like you’re hugely missing out if you don’t get your hands on it. Experiment with different blush colours on your eyes and see what you end up with! I already like to run Benefit Hoola (technically a bronzer but whatever) through my crease when I’m in a hurry, already have it on my cheeks and want a quick look that is tied together.

I’ve been doing this for months. Here’s a bonus photo from my personal Instagram from August (before this blog even existed!) with MAC Stereo Rose on my lids:


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  • Paige

    Poor form on Sephora’s part, their new restrictions are really disappointing and sort sighted. I love your idea about experimenting with rose gold blush tones on eyes though! There are lots of times where thinking outside of the box like that pays off, I have so many different palettes and shades I could probably put together my own dream Naked 4 and save the cash haha. Deep Throat and Stereo Rose both look great on your lids.

    • Thanks Paige! It’s such a frustrating situation with Sephora, especially because I can’t contact their customer service for help because I’m trying to sneak through their system as it is. I suppose on the other hand it’s lucky because it has saved me money and a palette I clearly don’t really need!

  • Genevieve

    This is great!! Sometimes i think we get so caught up in wanting the latest must have that we forget that we probably have something very similar already. There were times in the past where women had to make do with what they had and get inventive when it came to makeup and skincare. I think we forget that sometimes….

    • Oh definitely, and that has happened to me SO much more since starting blogging about makeup. I seem to adjust my spending as my income changes too, so my collection is growing bigger and bigger, and it really doesn’t need to!

  • great products and pretty makeup 🙂

  • I was going to say, does sell the Naked 3? Because if so you could probably nab one off there. I’m looking to get the Naked 2 early in the new year because well, I’ve been meaning to buy it for a couple of years now, but the idea of wearing blush toned shadow on my lids seems a little.. odd?

    • I don’t think they have it yet! They may do next year. Honestly, I don’t LOOOVE the Naked 2.

  • spooky

    I was looking at buying a Naked palette for a friend as a birthday gift, but thought Kat von D’s ‘true romance’ palette in ‘saint’ was the better option, and at the time I bought it, cheaper too. UD have great marketing and buzz, but I don’t know that the products are ultimately worth the price point, particularly when factoring in shipping from US to NZ/AUS.

    I am in AUS and if Sephora decides to not process my transactions in future, well, so be it I suppose. There are alternative retailers. Have you tried Ulta? Do they take foreign cards?

    • Ulta don’t accept international cards either!
      I do agree UD have great marketing but I actually do think their products are worth the money! The eyeshadow formula is definitely one of the best I have tried.

      • spooky

        I hear Lorac’s Pro Palette kicks UD’s butt in terms of formula. Lorac are currently sold out, but I’m keeping my eyes open, waiting for them to be back in stock.

        • Yeah I picked one up for a workmate earlier in the year and she loves it, I wish I’d got one for myself at the same time!

  • Coutney

    I got caught out by sephora and their new rules too.. Right after buying all my Christmas gifts. Bastards. You could try ulta if you change your mind