Giveaway gifts

Do you remember last week, when we were like, have some stuff you guys? I bet you do because we got a bunch of entries. Can I just say thank you so much to everyone that entered? I mean obviously you’re in it for the possible goodies, but it’s really nice to see people reading our site and enjoying it. We do this because we’re both compulsive writers and users of makeup, but the goal is that others will enjoy it too. It seems like people do. Churr.

Enough with the sincerity though because look at this beautiful graphic Morgan just made announcing our winner:

Have you ever seen such graphic design? Definitely not. Christmas and Snoop Dogg. literally flawless. And congratulations to CHRISSY BROWN, who will be the recipient of these gifts. Email us at [email protected] or otherwise get our attention and we will make postal arrangements.

Thanks again to everyone who entered! We’ll do another one of these once we’ve got some more treats together.

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  • spooky

    Congrats to Chrissy, and LMFAO at the gif! Nice job, Morgan! ^_^