Morgan: Dreaming of a MAC Christmas

I feel like I’ve been stepping up my eyeshadow levels lately. I’ve generally been afraid of shimmery shadows for various reasons, and stuck with my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. (Actually, while we’re on the topic of the Naked Basics, can I just say how creepy it is how much traffic this blog gets from people searching ‘Lorde naked’ and ‘naked pics Lorde’? They must be so disappointed when they discover all I have to offer is a semi-average tutorial on eye makeup. ALSO GROSS BECAUSE SHE IS A CHILD.)

ANYWAY. The Point Of This Post is that my Christmas present from my family this year is A CUSTOM 15 PAN EYESHADOW PALETTE FROM MAC. I am so, so excited about this. My Mum was completely reasonable when I told her it would be $160 USD, and she just told me to go ahead and order it. I was surprised because that’s more than my rent costs each week, and I feel like any sensible person would find that completely outrageous just for some eyeshadow. It still is pretty outrageous.

I’ll do a post after Christmas when I get the real thing, obviously, but I wanted to share the shades I ended up choosing now.

Here’s a couple of screenshots from the MAC site as I was building the palette. This layout isn’t necessarily how I will keep it (one of the best things on Christmas morning will be getting to play with my palette, put it together and decide how I will lay it out). I’ve grouped shades with different functions together, though.

I’ve already got MAC Soft Brown and Swiss Chocolate on the way separately, and they can live in my Z palette. I chose those as they’re pretty mid-brown good crease/blending colours. You’ll also note there aren’t any really dark browns and blacks in this palette, because I have those covered already, and I don’t really love the pigmentation of MAC Carbon.

Vanilla, Shroom, Brule: pale base and highlight shades.

Wedge, Omega, Quarry: brown, grey and purple-taupe mid-tone shades.

All That Glitters, Amber Lights, Antiqued: shimmery golden-toned shades.

Espresso, Mystery, Sumptuous Olive: brown and purply-brown darker tones; an olive I couldn’t pass up!

Rule, Red Brick, Coppering: these ones snuck in to what was originally meant to be a neutral palette. But orange is such a fun trend and these shades can work with the rest of the neutrals really well.
The palette costs $160 USD for 15 shadows, the palette itself and the insert. I ordered online from the US MAC website and then used Youshop to get it to New Zealand (well, it’s still on its way). It cost $31.50 NZD for the Youshop fee.

I AM SO EXCITED. What shades did I forget? Are there any here you think I shouldn’t have chosen?

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  • Excuse me while I spend the next hour building my dream palette that I will never buy.

  • Red brick is an interesting choice – looking forward to seeing how you use that one (although I imagine it would be perfect for creating Vampire looks for Halloween/festive dress up parties).

    I purchased one of the four shadow palettes (two actually) while I was in the US and there’s a few colours I never use since I prefer brown tones and creamy shimmer shadows for under the eye.

    Um and LOL at the Lorde story.

    • I’m hoping Red Brick will be more versatile than that! I’ve had a play with it a few times as it’s a favourite of my friend Grace (who’s a MAC artist), and i’m drawn to it every time I go in to MAC. I’ve been experimenting with pinks and oranges on my eyes lately and been really happy with what I come up with, it’s a lot less scary than it sounds!

  • So lucky! I go on to the MAC site and just build palettes haha but such a great present idea – love your picks!

  • Zoe

    Do you know if the MAC in wellington does four pan palettes? Or would they be available in the pro store up in Auckland? Your palette looks lovely!

    • I think you have to get them from the pro store, but you can call them on 0800 MAC SHOP and ask, and they’ll take phone orders for anywhere in New Zealand.

      My palette actually arrived today and it’s paining me not to open everything, I have to give it to Mum to wrap for Christmas!

  • Courtney

    Morgan! Are you loving coppering?! I bought this recently and absolutely love it. Also, shroom and wedge should pretty much get married… amaaaaazing choices <3

    • Yes its so good! I did a really red/orangey eyeshadow look i’m gonna photos soon! Real scary to begin with but I actually really liked it