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Girlfriend magazine comes with a free Australis Velour Lips matte lip cream this month. You best believe I scoured the shops finding all the colours so I could try them all! After two failed liquid lip product attempts already documented on this blog I had mixed expectations, but let’s see how they turned out.

These have a doe foot applicator which is challenging to get a very crisp line with, but not impossible. They are a little bit finicky to apply as you need to build up coverage over a couple of layers without letting them dry in between. I found the purple one applies much better than the lighter colours, which is the opposite of what usually happens with dark lips!

I’ve swatched them wet and dry. Once they’re dry they do. not. budge. I ate while wearing the purple and pink (on separate occasions… although doing a two-tone lip could be fun) and they only needed the tiniest touch up. They look best if you just put them on and leave them, and wear really well until you start messing with them. It’s a bit of a pain to get them off to be honest, but that’s kind of the point. They start pilling up if you rub at them, which is why you probably want to avoiding eating and all that everyday stuff.

I guess the most important thing about the Velour Lips is how bright they are! The purple (Tok-I-O) is very purple, and I bought it first because it looked like a good dupe for MAC Heroine, which was a limited edition lipstick that Harriet bought and I didn’t and I am permanently wishing I had. Here it is on my lips in a fancy room in front of some contemporary art.

The pink one (Ma-Li-Boo) is brighter than MAC Candy Yum Yum, which is saying something because when I first took the lid off a tube of CYY I literally said “wow”. The orange one (Rio-D) is also a good bright colour but it didn’t look great on my lips and I found it patchier than the other two so it has since found a new home.

Now I have a lot of copies of Girlfriend magazine but it was worth it considering they cost $6.50 NZD each, which is less than what they retail for (which I think is somewhere around the $15 mark?). I’m conveniently using teen magazines as a teaching resource at work anyway so maybe I can claim their cost back as expenses?

It’s not even the middle of November so you should still be able to find Girlfriend around. We had no luck looking in dairies and convenience stores but supermarkets yielded positive results. Realistically I’m not going to wear these every day but for $6.50 each I figured they were worth a try. Have you tried these?

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  • I saw this post today at about 2pm and I’d been wanting to try these lippies since I first heard about them. I went and bought the same three colours – 5 shops later and three unwanted GF magazines, I really like the product. I’ve had Tok-I-O on for about 5-6 hours and it hasn’t budged. Thanks for the tip!

  • I asked a friend of mine in NZ to hunt me down a copy or two of Girlfriend.. but after today’s swatching mission to Priceline, I may just cough up the $10 to buy one. Swatched it, walked in the heat to the supermarket, did a shop and even rubbed some Napoleon makeup remover on it and no dice, these aren’t moving!

    • Hah! I found using a cleansing oil helped get it off, you could try that!

      • dynamitechar

        I went back to let them know to call me when they got NY-CEE back in, and i swatched the pink one… THERE ARE STILL VESTIGES OF PINK ON MY HAND two days and a shower and countless hand washings later. this shit is insane in the best way

  • dynamitechar

    I swatched these on my hand at Priceline today and they still haven’t budged, following a walk in the heat and a grocery run! I wish they had more colours, though the red is spectacular