Hair (mis)adventures

I’ve been having a bit of a nightmare with my hair lately. I’m growing it out after years of bouncing between pixie cuts and short bobs (although “grown-out pixie cuts” is probably more accurate). Since my hair has got longer I’ve been noticing more and more of it coming out when I wash my hair or even when I brush it. This led to a moment of crisis before Harriet reassured me that this happens to everyone with long hair! One good thing that came out of it is that I’ve introduced a few more hair care products into my routine. In this post I’ll share what those are and I figured while we’re here, why not show you a timeline of terrible things I’ve done with my hair over the past few years?

The first thing I did when I felt like I was experiencing an abnormal amount of hair loss was look into biotin supplements. We had some in the house, actually, but upon going to take one I discovered that Callum had polished them all off already (he’s taking them for his beard, which is looking fantastic – should I get him to guest post?) There’s a huge selection of hair care supplements on iHerb, but I took a vow to boycott their site after their appalling customer service. (If you’re prepared to risk your order disappearing and want to buy from them, you can use the code FZN764 for a $5 discount on orders under $40, and a $10 discount for orders over.)

Instead I bought Imedeen Hair & Nails. Imedeen are best known for their skin supplements, but their hair supplement contains both biotin and silica, ingredients which help keep your hair healthy and strong. It’s meant to takes 3-6 months to see the impact of any change in routine (including stress) on your hair, so it will be a while before I can report any significant change from taking these. I feel like taking a supplement is better than not taking a supplement though, right?

I don’t love taking pills. It took me years to be able to swallow any kind of pill, but while the Imedeen capsules aren’t small, they are easy to swallow. I’m pairing them up with the Healtheries Women’s Multi each morning which already feels like it’s making a difference to my energy levels throughout the day.

The immediate change I’m noticing in my hair comes from a few other changes. I’ve ditched heat-styling completely (you can read about how Harriet has done the same here). I’ve introduced a bristle hair brush, which only takes a few strokes through my hair from the roots to give it some MAJOR shine, and I’ve been using the gorgeous new look Argania Liquid Gold hair oil after washing.

Liquid Gold is pretty much as good as it sounds. I’ve been using the light version while Harriet has been hooning the regular stuff. We were sent these for review, which was VERY exciting as they are the first freebies we’ve ever had at Hyacinth Girl! We’ve also been trialing Argania’s tanning range, which Harriet will be reviewing soon.

We all know by now that Argan oil is a great antioxidant-rich treatment for hair. I apply a bit of it through the ends of my hair while it’s still wet, as that’s where I need the moisture the most. Then, once I’ve let my hair air-dry, I rub 1-2 pumps through my hands and then run them through the middle and ends of my hair again. This makes a definite difference in the texture and shine of my hair, without weighing it down and making it look oily. As you may know I had bleached blonde hair up until May this year, and that damaged blonde hair is still there under the colour it is now. My poor hair needs and deserves a bit of liquid gold through it!

You can buy Argania products online here or from Farmers or your pharmacy. They’ve also got a shampoo and conditioner and styling spray that I’ve got my eye on to try next.

If you’re just here to witness the transformation my hair has gone through over the past few years, then here’s your reward! Prepare to scroll and enjoy. These photos start in 2008 with weird internet-pose selfies starring a pretty long rat’s tail. They also feature the two times I thought I wanted extensions and then realised I didn’t.

Did you see that terrible blue situation? My colourist at the time had covered my hair in a towel before I could see it in the mirror, and then said “Don’t hate me…” THAT IS THE WORST THING SOMEONE CAN SAY TO YOU ONCE YOU HAVE TRUSTED THEM WITH YOUR HAIR.

Who else has had a fantastic history of hair misadventures?

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  • oh dude, I feel you on the hair front. I cut a solid 12″ off of mine just over a year ago, and ill tell you what… Best thing ever. The growing out was actually fun, but treat it as kindly as you can! I went two months without any heat styling (challenge?) and that’s made the biggest difference. It’s back to my pre-chop length now and better than ever…. Now how to maltreat it again….

    • I think if I cut off 12″ I’d be back at a pixie cut! I don’t think I’ve used heat since the last time I was at the salon, which is just as well really because no matter how long I battle with a round brush and a blow drier I just can’t get it to look like my stylist can. Now that my hair is long I’m like, what do I even do with this?!


    That is the funniest thing ever HAHAHA. And yes! I agree completely – I’ve had so many bad haircuts in my life, it’s not even funny. Worst of all, my hair used to be gloriously long and pin-straight but after I started getting my hair layered , it’s gone all coarse and frizzy asdfghjkl I hate it. I think I need to start using my argan oil again hehe.

    Love the post by the way – I reckon all of your hair “misadventures” look pretty good!

    Check out my blog maybe? ♥ x

    • That’s why it’s so important to find a hair stylist who you can trust – I don’t know what I’d do if mine moved out of Wellington!