Recreating Lorde’s Royals look with Naked Basics

Alright, this isn’t a perfect recreation because a) it’s not an easy look to do, and b) my eyelids pretty much disappear as soon as I open my eyes. Also I need to apologise in advance for the shitty lighting in these photos. As soon as I got them off the camera I realised they weren’t great but I didn’t want to ditch them altogether. I used my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, because I use it every day for neutral eyes and I wanted to see how it would work trying something more ambitious.

This is a look that you don’t see the full effect of with your eyes open. I’m not sure who did Lorde’s makeup in this video but it is probably Amber D from MAC. I’m guessing here, but she did Ella’s makeup for the Metro cover and some twitter detective work reveals her international movements often correspond with Lorde’s. (Am I a creep? Yes.)

Correction: Harriet’s superior sleuthing indicates that Abbie Gardiner, another MAC artist, did the makeup in the Royals video.

For this look I used NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base (but any primer will do), my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, and the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Double Ended Eye Pencil in Perversion and Demolition from the Sephora Draw the Line eyeliner set. I used Demolition, which is the brown colour. Mascara is Diorshow, but of course use whatever’s your favourite.

1. Prime your eyelids, then apply Walk of Shame (matte neutral) all over your lid.
2. Build up some brown liner on your hand and use an angled brush to apply it.
3. Draw the beginning of a wing from the outside corner of your eye, then build it up into a triangle/wedge shape. Start filling it in with Faint (matte dark brown).
4. Use the angled brush with liner or Faint to draw a line running from the top of your wing into the crease. Follow the natural shape of your crease here.
5. Darken the outline of your wing with Crave (matte black).
6. Pull Faint across your lashline at the very base of your lashes. Blend the crease line with a fluffy brush (MAC 217).
7. Tightline your upper lashes with liner, curl your lashes and apply mascara.
8. All done!

I’ve gotta give thanks to Sharon Farrell whose video tutorial I drew upon for this look. Her videos are great so you should go and check her out if you haven’t already.

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  • Paige

    Ohhh you aced this! I thought Lorde’s Royals clip as soon as I saw the first picture before I even read the title. The Naked basics palette is just so versatile!

    • Ahh thanks Paige! It’s definitely my favourite palette, I think everyone needs to have it!

  • I just did this make up last week. i really fell in lovw with the look when i saw the video =)