Fancy is as fancy does

I tried a new cleanser recently that really disagreed with my face. It got me thinking about my skin in general. There’s a lot of skincare out there, and it can be hard to figure out on your own exactly what is right for your skin, so I went to see the experts at Mecca Cosmetica. They furnished me with a few (generous) samples of what they thought would be right for my skin.

Successful as they were, these samples were for products that cost megabucks when you’re comparing to something like Cetaphil. Are they worth it? YES. I went and bought the full size of two of them after seeing the difference they made. Do I now feel like I need to be fancy in every single aspect of my life? YES.

The story begins with the Antipodes grapeseed butter cleanser, which I had wanted for ages after sniffing it in Farmers one time. I stuck with it for two whole weeks in case my skin was just “adjusting” to it, morning and night, telling myself that it has to get worse before it gets better. After several overlapping waves of pimples I have concluded that either a) my skin is socially awkward and needs a very long time to adjust to new things, or b) that skin adjusting is a bit of a myth, or c) I should probably stop trying to make fetch happen. Fetch being an oil-based cleansing balm on my already oily skin. It has the word butter in the name, goddamn it.

A pimple itself can be banished pretty quickly with a topical application of Bepanthen, and maybe by letting Callum squeeze it if it’s one of those guys that could do with a squeeze (with clean hands!) But the shitty redness and uneven texture that gets left behind is harder to deal with. I also took a look at my eyes in a magnifying mirror and realised the skin under them was looking a bit dehydrated.

With this list of concerns I went along to Mecca Cosmetica and left with samples of Eve Lom Hydrating Serum, Dr Dennis Gross Lift & Lighten eye cream and Elemental Herbology Lighten and Brighten Complexion Harmoniser. She recommended the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels to me too, but couldn’t give me a sample because it comes in the form of wet pads in a tub.

It only took two days for me to see the difference Ms Lom and Dr Gross were making to my skin. Unfortunately Eve and Dennis ask for a hefty paycheque. The Eve Lom serum costs $212 NZD (down from $224!) which is more than my weekly rent. Dr G’s eye cream is slightly more reasonable at $109 NZD, but that’s still more than our monthly internet bill. Do I want a roof over my head and an internet connection, or nicer skin?

Luckily I found Eve on the Sephora website for $95 USD, and Dennis for $60 USD. Sephora also sells a mini box of 5 Alpha Beta peels for $15 USD. (Don’t think this is too much of a bargain because you’re meant to use these daily.) My face above is still not perfectly clear but it’s much better than it was. I’m only wearing a sheer layer of foundation and even considered going outside bare-faced today (!!).

The thing is, once you’re using fancy skincare and you see the GIANT difference it makes, you suddenly want to be fancy in every aspect of your life.

$3 mascara isn’t enough anymore, so you buy Diorshow. Spending $100+ on one bottle of gin seems reasonable. Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders stop sounding like a weird cross between a highlighter and a setting powder, neither of which you wear a lot of, and you might have bought this palette of three of them.

You get mad at your cheap and practical New Balances for not being pretty and peach coloured. You wonder what size you’d be in Lonely lingerie. You try on the perfect grey crewneck sweater at twenty-seven names’ new flagship AND SUDDENLY A $400 PLAIN GREY SWEATER SOUNDS REASONABLE. That thing is literal perfection.

Obviously it’s not feasible to upgrade to fancytown in every aspect of your life, but skincare is one area I’m willing to shell out for. What’s your fancy indulgence?

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  • oh my GOD YOUR SKIN LOOKS SO GOOD. Just using Cetaphil is enough for me. Also, I SUPER want some of that Lonely lingerie and it is so awesome that they are finally making stuff with underwires after several collections that did not cater for anything above a B cup.

  • Jamie

    Ugh, yeah Antipodes products have a ton of known skin clogging ingredients in them! A lot of natural oils/extracts are actually irritating to the skin 🙁

    • Theres nothing immediately untoward in this cleanser but I know what you mean! A lot of people use coconut oil on their face which pains me :/ My skin is sensitive to rosehip oil which sadly rules out most Trilogy posts for me