Review: Chi Chi Creamy Matte liquid lipstick

Chi Chi isn’t a brand I usually go for, to be honest, as their branding is a little garish and although I’ve looked at their products a lot in Farmers, I’ve usually ended up buying from more well-known brands. Chi Chi is Australian-owned and made in Italy, so you don’t see their products a lot on Youtube or beauty blogs. Last month I watched Shaaanxo’s video where she was sent a whole lot of their products, and an American commenter asked if someone could send them a couple of the lip products that Shannon had liked. Because I’m a nice person and I like sending gifts I offered to get them for her, and picked up one for myself while I was at it.

I bought the Chi Chi Creamy Matte liquid lipstick in First Class, which is allegedly a dupe for MAC lipstick in Morange. I own Morange but for some reason it doesn’t wear very well on my lips, so I was excited to try an alternative. Read on for my review and a comparison of the two.

First Class and Morange are similar in colour only; the products themselves are completely different in formulation and finish. First Class is a thick liquid lipstick, with a long doe-foot applicator. It’s not as sticky as Sleek Pout Paints, it’s actually more like a creamy concealer in consistency. The applicator makes it a little hard to apply accurately, so I would suggest using a liner, but the product is definitely opaque and doesn’t bleed or feather.

When you work a public-facing job that is also often with children, you want a lip colour that doesn’t require touching up. The idea of a liquid lipstick that dries to an opaque matte finish, is long-wearing and doesn’t dry out your lips made the Chi Chi liquid lipstick really appealing to me.

The box says “non drying”. This is meant to mean that it won’t dry out your lips. Unfortunately this statement also accurately describes the product altogether. It does not dry AT ALL. More than one hour after I had put this on it was still wet to the touch and was smearing onto my cheek and chin at the slightest touch. I thought maybe I had put too much product on, but after trying to apply it very thinly (this is hard to do, by the way) I was getting the same results.

That (major) issue aside, here’s First Class (right) swatched next to Morange (left). They are very similar in tone, although you can see that First Class is very slightly more orange, with Morange leaning slightly redder.

Unfortunately due to the complete unwearability of Chi Chi First Class, it’s not going to be a good alternative to Morange for me, so my search for the perfect Morange dupe continues. Do you have any suggestions? If you’ve tried the Chi Chi liquid lipsticks, have you had similar issues with wear?

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