Portable perfume and musing on Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh has been my daily fragrance for nearly two years, and now I’ve decanted some into this low-cost alternative to the Travalo so I can carry it around with me and top up my scent wherever I am. This makes the amount left in the bottle sadly low, and I’m thinking by Christmas it might be time to think about a new perfume.

The sleek black tube that looks a little like a personal sex toy is the Nordstrom perfume atomizer, which at $5 is a wee bit cheaper than the Travalo. It holds 0.5oz which is just under 15ml, and is super handy for after the gym and times like that. I try not to overdo “freshening up” my fragrance, because when you can’t smell it on yourself it doesn’t mean the scent is no longer there; instead your nose is just used to it. Luckily Daisy Eau So Fresh isn’t too heavy of a scent, anyway.

I’ve been thinking about what I would buy if I did get a new fragrance. Marc Jacobs launched Honey in the US a few months ago. As far as I’m aware it’s not out yet in New Zealand, but Shannon/Shaaanxo has it pictured in this photo on her Instagram so it must be coming soon. Unfortunately you can’t buy fragrance from international retailers so even if you are game enough to buy it without knowing what it smells like, you’re out of luck until it arrives in stores here. I’m thinking it might be here in time for Christmas, though?

I actually received a sample card of Honey from a friendly person in America and didn’t like the scent. It is described as a “sunny, delicious floral” but it was a bit sugary and cloying for me. There’s the Daisy Sunshine variant, but it’s out of stock on the Kirkcaldies website so it may no longer be available (does anyone know?) There’s also Daisy Hot Pink, which has just been launched in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but I suspect that one won’t make it to New Zealand either.

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