Even better than eos lip balm…

EOS smooth sphere lip balms are ubiquitous. It seems like every beauty blogger on Youtube has them, stored in some cute glass jar like they’re scoops of delicious gelato. Then Miley Cyrus used them in her video for We Can’t Stop, carefully product-placemented alongside Beats by Dre and …bread?

These guys are pretty hard to come by in New Zealand, and they’re not stocked in any places like pharmacies or Farmers as far as I’m aware. Despite only costing around $3 USD each I’ve seen 4 packs go for up to $50 NZD here online. I threw one in to a big order I was doing just to see what the fuss was about. I realised while I was trying to decide what flavour to get, that I’d seen and used EOS products before, and loved one in particular…

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, are a brand I can’t find much about – their website isn’t particularly forthcoming. The company is registered in New York and was founded in 2006, but that’s not very helpful. What we do know is all good stuff: their products are natural, almost all organic, and paraben free. The ingredients of their lip balms vary slightly by flavour but are mostly olive oil, beeswax, coconut oil and jojoba seed oil. I have the pomegranate raspberry one and it is nice, but not my favourite lip balm (that award goes to Antipodes). It does smell divine, however, so if you’re a sucker for scents then it is definitely worth a go.

I chose the pomegranate raspberry lip balm to go with what is probably my most exciting repurchase for a while – the eos ultra moisturising shave cream. When I saw this on the eos website I was super excited because I recognised the bottle right away, from when I used it when I lived in Canada in 2008. All I knew then was that it smelled amazing, and I didn’t know about any of the hype around the same company’s lip balms. There may not have even been any hype around eos lip balms in 2008, I don’t know.

This shave cream is really, really good. It’s hard to find a good shaving cream in New Zealand that isn’t super expensive, so I usually just use body wash or cheap conditioner. But this stuff is only $3.50 USD! I like that the bottle is plastic, rather than a metal can, so it doesn’t leave a rusty stain from sitting in my shower. It smells great and it is really moisturising.

The product is like a lotion, rather than a foaming cream, which is nice, so you need to use 2-3 pumps per leg, for example. There is tons in here however and you can screw the lid off when you’re getting low to get the last of the shave cream out, which is much better than most products.

The bottle says you can use this to shave wet or dry. I’ve never tried shaving with it dry because you have to rinse off anyway, right? I can just imagine trying to shave without water and it ending messily. This is very moisturising on the skin but I would still probably recommend following up with a moisturiser.

I realise I’ve been singing the praises of this, but it’s pretty hard to get in New Zealand. Luckily I anticipated this by picking up a spare bottle, which will be included in our first ever giveaway! Giveaways are exciting, I know. Make sure you subscribe to Hyacinth Girl with either WordPress or Bloglovin’ so you’ll spot the giveaway when we post it up!

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  • Paige

    I have wondered about the hype over those eos lip balms! The pomegranate raspberry does sound quite nice. I had no idea the brand was all natural and organic, for some reason I envisioned the nasty cheapy $2 lipglosses of my childhood after seeing the packaging. I may have to track one down now.The shaving cream would win me over with the plastic bottle, I hate scrubbing off those rust rings left by metal!

  • I’ve finally jumped on the EOS bandwagon and they are actually amazing! the packaging is so cute :*