SKIN | Weekend skincare basics

I’ve learned my lesson the past few times we’ve gone away for a night or two. If I think I can skip the skincare routine for even one evening and morning I’m rewarded with a face of activity. Last weekend we spent a night visiting Callum’s relatives and this time I was sensible enough to pack the basics.

This travel bag contains the bare bones of my everyday skincare routine, which I’m actually pretty happy with. I don’t have sensitive skin but super gentle skincare products are the only ones that I can use long term with no ill effects.

I use whatever wipes I have on hand to remove makeup before I cleanse properly. These ones are fine and do the job and were cheap and that’s really all there is to it.

You can get Cetaphil from the supermarket in various different sizes. I have 3 bottles on the go at the moment – one in the shower, one on the sink and one in my bag for at the gym or when I’m away. It’s gentle enough to wash babies in, which is always promising because babies are tiny and sensitive. I just read the back of the bottle and apparently you can use it without water, although I don’t know why you’d want to. I’m probably going to splash out for the huge one litre pump bottle when my shower one runs out, but I’ll try not to make the same mistake Harriet did and buy the moisturiser instead of the cleanser!

Witch hazel is the next step. I just run this over my face on a cotton pad morning and night after cleansing. I think the main reason my skin is starting to behave a bit better lately is from using this as a toner, and I’ve noticed less pimples as well as an improvement in oiliness. The witch hazel I use has alcohol in which is probably not the best thing, but it works and is nice and cheap from the pharmacy. I’m worried that switching to an alcohol free version might be less effective, but I would like to get my hands on a good micellar water to give that a try.

Lastly for my morning routine I use the MAC Oil Control lotion. I bought a mini to test it out after Alice at MAC used it on my face one day while doing my makeup. It’s much lighter than more conventional moisturisers I’ve used in the past and I think that’s what really helps keep my oiliness in check.

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