LIPS | Four blood red lip colours I could have worn to get my blood taken


My name’s Morgan and I don’t like thinking about what goes on inside my body. I started typing that I don’t like needles, but it’s not precisely true; I’m fine with a tattoo machine and when I get blood taken, it’s not so much the needle that I have a problem with, but the fact it’s going inside my veins.

I got blood taken recently (for only the second time in my life, thank goodness) and it was a minor ordeal. The nurse (probably not a nurse, but I’ll call her that for brevity’s sake) stuck the needle in my left arm for a very long time. I had dragged Callum along with me and I told him all about my work day, in great detail, and she was still trying to draw enough blood to fill the vial. It wasn’t enough, so I ended up with a needle in my other arm too. FUN.

I made Callum get fries with me afterwards, and the anticipation of fries made it almost bearable, but I worry what I would be like if he wasn’t there to hold my hand. How would I be brave?! I think red lipstick would help. 

SKIN | When basic is best


The skincare market is crowded to saturation, which makes it very hard to know what you should be putting on your skin. I hope I’ve been somewhat helpful with my What the hell is…? series – which I have no intention of stopping any time soon. I’m thinking peptides and retinol should be next on my list!

There are two mistakes people make when managing problematic skin. One is going to the shelves of the beauty section in Farmers and looking for magic potions labelled with buzzwords. The second is dismissing ‘basic’ and affordable products as worthless. On the contrary, the simplest, fragrance-free, single-focus products in bland packaging are often the best. Today I want to talk about Physiogel (new to the New Zealand market), and Benzac AC.

EYES | The Younique 3D Fibre Lash saga


Younique Moodstruck 3D Fibre Lash mascara needs no introduction if you spend any time on the beauty-focused part of the internet. If you’re not familiar, it’s a ~revolutionary lash technology system~ sold in an aggressive pyramid scheme. To be fair, the seller who supplied me with this set for review was polite and not aggressive at all. I didn’t pay for it, nor would I, but I was desperate to try it out to find whether my eyelashes would be transformed into something I have only dreamed of. That’s the line, for real. This turned into quite a saga, so let me recount my experience.

WATCH | New Zealand beauty YouTubers

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 10.41.42 AMNone of the channels in this screenshot are from New Zealand. You’ll have to click through to see who my favourites are!

Today I want to share some of my favourite lesser-known New Zealand YouTubers. I’m subscribed to over 100 channels on YouTube, mostly beauty-related, and of course I follow people like Shannon Harris, but everyone knows about her already, and I wanted to give some other people the credit they deserve.

I don’t really watch tutorials so that I can then sit down and recreate what they did, but I feel like by watching so many I kind of absorb all that information. To be honest, a lot of the time when I’m ‘watching’ videos I’m kind of just half-listening while doing something else. I’ll click into the video tab when it sounds like they’re doing something interesting. Otherwise, I’ll set a playlist running and prop my Macbook up on the washing machine to watch while I wash my hair.

LIFE | Scarlet Delivery, periods, and my first ever cup of tea


Periods. Lots of people experience them, although it seems in my age group that’s decreasing as IUDs become more popular. Not a lot of people love them, unless they’re having a pregnancy scare moment. Not a lot of people like talking about them either, which is weird. In high school, my friends and I had an elaborate system of codes we’d use to let each other know we needed a tampon or pad (more on that shortly).

Ages back I wrote about wanting to be more open about stuff like this on Hyacinth Girl, and Hannah got in touch to let me know she was launching Scarlet Delivery. It’s a subscription box service for sanitary-related supplies, and today I’ll show you what’s inside.

OFYAOFM | ‘A bunch of tiny things for your face’ edition


A while back on Instagram I posted this picture of a bunch of cute tiny things and hinted that something fun was coming. That fun thing is me doing looks with a bunch of miniature products (fun for me, possibly interesting for you), reviewing them real quick then giving away all the products I use (new ones, of course!) I’ve been filling a box with deluxe samples for this purpose and now I’ve hoarded enough to make it work. Read on and find out at the end of the post how to win (hint: it’s by answering this survey).

TOOLS | Brushegg vs Bossy Brush Cleansing Pad


I’m super lazy with cleaning my brushes. It’s satisfying when I do finally do it, but by god will I wait until every last brush is dirty and I’ve been applying all my makeup with my fingers for a week. I generally need some encouragement, and for this post it came in the form of two silicone brush-cleaning accessories intended to make brush cleaning easier. I wanted to try them out independently, but also pit them against each other, because what’s better than some healthy competition?

FACE | The bronzer named after my favourite thing


The MAC x Brooke Shields collaboration came out in New Zealand a month or so ago, and I knew I would buy something from it. I may have considered the fifteen-pan eyeshadow palette, but at $300 I was lucky it was sold out by the time I made it to the MAC counter. Instead I bought the bronzing powder, which I was never not going to buy, given its name. It is called Scone, after the very same cheesy, buttery, refined-carby goodness that I consume religiously once a day. (I honestly do eat a scone every single day that I am at work. Sometimes it is the only thing that gets me through the morning.)

SKIN | What the hell is hyaluronic acid?

neutrogena_hydro_boost_hyacinthgirl_top_sI was in Countdown with a migraine the other day, buying myself treats and picking up as much codeine as I could from the pharmacy (spoiler: not very much). Despite my headache stupor I couldn’t stop myself browsing the skincare and was genuinely excited when I saw the Neutrogena Hydro Boost range. It’s a supermarket-priced skincare range that contains hyaluronic acid! You may know how much I love hyaluronic acid, and you may also know that products containing it are usually pretty costly.

So what’s the big deal about hyaluronic acid, and why should you buy this stuff?

FACE | Everyday Face


Christel and Camille have started a series on their blog called Everyday Face, and today it’s my turn to share mine. Over on Makeupper I’m talking skincare, and here on Hyacinth Girl I’ll be sharing the products I used in the finished look, which is also the look above, and is also the look I’m wearing at work nine times out of ten lately.