FOTD | MAC Plumage

MAC Plumage eyeshadow look with Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Nude lip

Last post was a bit heavy so I’ll give you this makeup look to lighten the mood slightly before another Depression Haul. I had been saving lots of my new products to photograph so after I took photos I put them all on my face. This look centres around MAC Plumage eyeshadow, the great teal-blue shadow from my last post. It has shit pigmentation (no really, it’s awful) but I layered and layered it until it looked decent. I tried it with a couple of different lip colours, both of which I’ve shown here, and one of which is the grey-blue Halsey one which is damn awesome.


Depression Hauls: MAC and

It’s time for a new series here on Hyacinth Girl: The Depression Hauls. It’s exactly what it sounds like—my depression has been hella dark lately and I’ve been binge shopping as a result.

Buying these things, and having these things, hasn’t made me any happier—it couldn’t, because depression is a much bigger thing than that. It can make me feel worse, long term, when I think about how much money I’ve spent and on things I will barely touch. I feel indifferent when parcels arrive. Obsessively comparing sites and prices does keep my mind briefly occupied and on something outside of my own head, and I’m aware that I’m lucky to have money to spare for situations like this.

I don’t need any of the things that I bought. But I bought them, and this is a beauty blog, so I might as well show you what they are.

So in the first installment I’ve got a bunch of stuff from the MAC website and from Both sites has discount codes at the time of purchase which means MAC must have finally moved away from the “absolutely no sales ever” model.

LIPS | New in lipgloss, my least favourite lip product

berry-provocativeEstée Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Gloss* in Berry Provocative

So I’m really not a lipgloss person for day-to-day, but it’s fun to wear and it can give a look a lot of impact. The whole trendy beauty world only cares about matte lips at the moment, which are about as far from lipgloss as you can get and still be a lip product. And neither extreme is particularly comfortable or practical to wear.

Lipgloss is very pretty and very ~youthful~, however, and I have some new Estée Lauder and Lancôme gloss releases to show you.

FOTD | Gothy vibes


After having less than absolute success with the MAC Times Nine palette the other night I really needed to do some makeup that was more me. I don’t tend to go out with my makeup looking like this very often, but that’s more because I don’t tend to go out with makeup on very often, because I’m lazy and like sleeping in and therefore don’t have time at least five mornings of the week (and in the weekend idgaf either).

I did this look directly over the top of the pastel eyeshadow using another new MAC product—the Pro Longwear Waterproof Colour Stick*. This is, obviously, the black one, which is called Cinder Black.

I feel like you can see it in my face that I like this look more than the last one? Read on for the rest of the products used and all that business.

LIFE | Freebies from Lavish Lolo


This post is about real freebies—as in, things that are free for you, not just things I was sent for free because I am a blogger. Lavish Lolo, a new kiwi online retailer, is offering free accessories of people’s choice (you just pay shipping) for a limited time as a launch promo, I believe! They sell jewellery mostly, but also wallets and phone cases and a few other bits and pieces, including makeup brushes (that’s the bit I’m most keen on, obviously.) Apparently they will have more makeup-related stuff in the future, too.

In this post I’ll show you all the (free) things from Lavish Lolo you can choose from. (Free! I can’t get over it.)

FACE | Klairs BB cream and concealer


Or, join me for my very first foray into Korean beauty! Despite Korean beauty being heavily hailed by everyone from Elese to Lisa Eldridge, I’ve always found it a bit overwhelming and hard to know where to start. Wishtrend offered me a couple of Klairs products to try, and based solely on the fact that the packaging looks kind of like Aesop, I said yes.

The Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream* says you look so wonderful just the way you are on it, which is always an entertaining thing to read on a beauty product. I gave it a go along with the Klairs Creamy and Natural Fit Concealer*.

SKIN | Alix Cosmeceuticals

Alix cosmeceuticals
Alix Cosmeceuticals is a new-to-me skincare brand that joins the extensive ranks of natural New Zealand skincare companies, and one of many natural local brands available from Pure Nature. It’s actually a pretty neat story—Pure Nature is the retail store of Pure Ingredients, an ingredients supplier (duh), where they sell products from some of the brands they supply ingredients to. As well as stocking Alix, they also sell blogger favourite Tailor skincare, and an indie makeup brand called RoVie.

I’m eternally curious about the origins and ingredients of products, so this is a super interesting insight to me. I really want to get a better understanding of cosmetics formulation (something I’ll be working on later in the year, hopefully) … and I’m also just super nosy. Pure Nature also stock natural skincare brands like Weleda and Sukin.

So how do the Alix products stack up?