SKIN | Escentual Summer Sale picks

escentual sale

It’s Summer Sale time on Escentual and everything is 20% off! I really, really like Escentual and they carry some of my favourite skincare brands so I thought this might be a useful PSA for people who are thinking of trying things or stocking up on the basics. Escentual ships to New Zealand for a pretty reasonable price (although they don’t ship all brands, so it pays to check before you get too excited and start adding Dior and Guerlain products to your shopping cart).

NAILS | Care and maintenance


It’s very easy, when you’re feeling lazy, to just throw on one coat of nail polish and call it a day. It’s particularly easy to do this when it’s cold as hell in your house and you want to limit the length of time your fingers are motionless and unable to be crammed into mittens. I’m learning my lesson here though, as lazy manicures make for faster chips and flaky tips. Here are some good things to help rectify this.

LIFE | Excellent things


It’s Sunday and here are some excellent things from the internet this week. Oh, sorry, I mean the Internet, or preferably, the World Wide Web. (When I was doing library studies, every time I wrote ‘the internet’ it got corrected to ‘the World Wide Web’. Clearly my tutors were living in 1999.)

FACE | $20(ish) makeup challenge


I tend towards the high end when I buy myself new makeup, so I have to admit I’m not hugely familiar with the cosmetics offerings on the very low end of the budget scale. When the friendly folks at Kmart hooked me up with some of their products, I thought I’d try to do the $20 makeup challenge – a whole face of makeup for twenty dollars. I am living on a huge budget at the moment: a lot of unexpected expenses have added up to the point where I’m eating peanut butter on toast for lunch every day. Being a sensible adult is so boring.

HAIR | For when your hair feels like a fraying rope


By now you probably all know that I used to have bleached blonde hair. If you didn’t know that, well, now you do. Given my hair is naturally so dark, it was quite a mission to maintain the very pale blonde that I was after. It was an incredibly expensive time for me, and an incredibly damaging time for my hair. I’ll throw in some pictures of what my beautiful stunning perfect post-salon hair looked like, and then what it looked like every day (not so beautiful stunning perfect, no matter how hard I tried). The products pictured above are what kept my hair from dissolving completely!

LIFE | (An) excellent thing


This is a little bit of old news but it is a really excellent thing I haven’t shared on the blog yet. If you’re wanting for reading material this Sunday, how about FishHead magazine’s interview with Harriet and I? It was in the June issue of the magazine. I don’t love the photo of me but, you know, what can you do.

SKIN | My morning skincare routine


It’s easy to think of my regular skincare routine as being too boring to dedicate a blog post to, when in reality it’s probably one of the most informative posts I could share with you guys. I’ve been trying to settle into a consistent pattern with my skincare to regulate my skin, so this has been the solid routine for a good few weeks now. Want to know what I’m using and why? Keep reading…

LIFE | A fresh start


We’ve had a lot of these LIFEy posts lately, but that’s kinda just how I’ve been feeling. You know how you get in those moods where you just want to clear everything out, tidy up and start fresh? New-vibe Hyacinth Girl is a big example of this, but alongside that change in my life I’ve been making some others. Not a spring clean, per se, because it’s still well and truly cold as fuck. A winter clean? Yuletide clean? We did just have a midwinter Christmas family dinner the other weekend, complete with flaming Christmas pudding.

HAIR | Reverse washing and other weird things to do with your conditioner


Reverse washing doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. You put your conditioner in your hair first, rinse it out and then go in with your shampoo. I was reluctant to try this because my current haircare (Bumble and Bumble) is expensive, and I don’t want to waste it by messing around with weird old wives’ tales, but Kate swears by it. There aren’t many bloggers whose advice I take without question, but she’s definitely up there.