FACE | Maybelline Superstay Better Skin foundation

Maybelline Better Skin on my skin

I was loyal to Maybelline foundations for a long time – my introduction to bases started with Maybelline, and there I stayed. There was that liquid-to-powder one that you had to shake up, and the one in the aqua squeezy tube, and then the Mineral Power liquid foundation. More affordable foundations took a back seat when I discovered NARS Sheer Glow, and I never had any reason to go back to them, but this new release might change that.

FACE | July Violetbox & some more thoughts on money

July Violetbox contents

The July Violetbox* was waiting for me when I got home from an average day at work last week. I don’t think anyone is averse to surprise parcel deliveries, and especially not ones that contain beauty products. That being said, I’m not really on the boat with subscription beauty boxes and I don’t think this one has done much to change my mind. I was more receptive to the June Violetbox, largely because of the Glyco Peel product, and the fact it was my first ever subscription box, and it was all a bit novel and exciting.

The biggest thing weighing on my mind with subscription boxes is whether they’re worth it. Not in pure monetary value, because on paper you always get more than what the box costs, but in real, actual, I-have-twenty-five-dollars-to-last-me-to-payday terms. So that is how I will evaluate this one.

LIFE | Products I’ve used up

empties_Orly_Bioderma_Artiste_Brush_Cleaner I’ve been diligently saving up my beauty-related rubbish for another ‘Products I’ve Used Up’ post, and although the skincare to makeup ratio in this post is a little high, now is the time for me to tell you how I felt about these things and then chuck them in the recycling. There are a lot of staples in this post so it’s a good way for you guys to get an idea of what kind of stuff I use on a daily basis.

BODY | Bath salts (the good kind, like you want)


Ooh, fancy bath salts. Roques O’Neil Therapie Himalayan Detox bath salts*, to be specific. If it’s possible for bath salts to be famous on the internet (the relaxing kind of bath salts, not the rampaging and cannibalism-inducing bath salts) these are the ones. I’m overlooking the fact that these salts are alleged to counteract the electro-magnetic energy we absorb from modern day gizmos – you can believe that if you want, but I’ll openly call you a fruitcake if you do.

Regardless, they’re nice bath salts, apparently. I despise taking baths because they’re always too hot and then they’re suddenly too cold and the whole time you’ve been sitting in your own muck. Not everyone feels this way, so I passed some of these salts onto two deserving colleagues at work to test for me, and you. Here are their thoughts.

SKIN | Escentual Summer Sale picks

escentual sale

It’s Summer Sale time on Escentual and everything is 20% off! I really, really like Escentual and they carry some of my favourite skincare brands so I thought this might be a useful PSA for people who are thinking of trying things or stocking up on the basics. Escentual ships to New Zealand for a pretty reasonable price (although they don’t ship all brands, so it pays to check before you get too excited and start adding Dior and Guerlain products to your shopping cart).

NAILS | Care and maintenance


It’s very easy, when you’re feeling lazy, to just throw on one coat of nail polish and call it a day. It’s particularly easy to do this when it’s cold as hell in your house and you want to limit the length of time your fingers are motionless and unable to be crammed into mittens. I’m learning my lesson here though, as lazy manicures make for faster chips and flaky tips. Here are some good things to help rectify this.

LIFE | Excellent things


It’s Sunday and here are some excellent things from the internet this week. Oh, sorry, I mean the Internet, or preferably, the World Wide Web. (When I was doing library studies, every time I wrote ‘the internet’ it got corrected to ‘the World Wide Web’. Clearly my tutors were living in 1999.)

FACE | $20(ish) makeup challenge


I tend towards the high end when I buy myself new makeup, so I have to admit I’m not hugely familiar with the cosmetics offerings on the very low end of the budget scale. When the friendly folks at Kmart hooked me up with some of their products, I thought I’d try to do the $20 makeup challenge – a whole face of makeup for twenty dollars. I am living on a huge budget at the moment: a lot of unexpected expenses have added up to the point where I’m eating peanut butter on toast for lunch every day. Being a sensible adult is so boring.

HAIR | For when your hair feels like a fraying rope


By now you probably all know that I used to have bleached blonde hair. If you didn’t know that, well, now you do. Given my hair is naturally so dark, it was quite a mission to maintain the very pale blonde that I was after. It was an incredibly expensive time for me, and an incredibly damaging time for my hair. I’ll throw in some pictures of what my beautiful stunning perfect post-salon hair looked like, and then what it looked like every day (not so beautiful stunning perfect, no matter how hard I tried). The products pictured above are what kept my hair from dissolving completely!