HAIR | COLAB is here!

colab dry shampoo

My hair is usually about 30% dry shampoo, and until recently in New Zealand the dry shampoo availability has been limited to Batiste and some random K-Mart brand. I’ve been dying to get my hands on COLAB dry shampoo forever—in part because it’s Ruth Crilly‘s brand, and in part because it’s meant to be great.

I begged Lena to bring me back a can from Australia, and I’d barely had time to use it before I got possibly the most exciting PR email I’ve had for a while: that COLAB dry shampoo is coming to New Zealand! We’re getting the Sheer and Invisible formula, as well as the Extreme Volume one, in the London, New York and Monaco fragrances. I haven’t spotted it in stores yet, but it’s meant to be in select pharmacies and department stores (for $18ish?)

LIFE | Project Pan

Hyacinth Girl project pan

I’ve been thinking about embarking on a Project Pan for a while now. I even filmed a video about it the other week, but after watching it back I hated how I looked in it, so it has since been deleted. You can have that video in word form in this blog post, instead.

Project Pan is where you select a certain number of beauty products with the express intention of ‘panning’ them. Panning can mean either hitting pan, or using them up entirely.

This concept of having to actively try to use a product up runs counter to the average person’s experience of makeup. Most people will have one foundation; they use it until it’s gone, and then buy another one. This is not how it works in the beauty blogging world, and so we have to set our minds to finishing products.

It does highlight the excess of beauty blogging, and that’s why I want to get into it. ‘No-buys’ don’t really work for me, and you’ll know about my recent Depression Hauls. Starting a Project Pan will hopefully help me minimise my makeup collection and rationalise my ‘need’ to buy more.

LIFE | Goodbye wisdom teeth & let’s talk about depression


I had my wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday. All four of the fuckers, all impacted. It’s the first time I’ve ever had to go to hospital for anything, and the first time I had general anaesthetic. To say I was nervous is an understatement of stupid proportions. It went fine, of course, because modern medicine is incredible (seriously, anaesthetic is fascinating! They can literally turn your body off for half an hour and then you wake up FINE how does it work)

LIFE | Reader survey results, and giveaway winners!


Hey team, thanks so much to everyone who filled out my reader survey. I really appreciate the feedback—genuinely, it’s super helpful in my blog-writing but also in quelling my am-I-just-shouting-into-the-void anxiety. People don’t really comment on blog posts very often, so sometimes it’s hard to tell if people like my content! (Not pass-agg complaining, since I’m as guilty as the next person about not commenting on other blogs.)

I wanted to share with you some of the results, so that you also know you weren’t just shouting into the void by filling out the survey. And, of course, I need to tell you who won the totally awesome giveaway that I really wanted to keep for myself!

SKIN | Simple skincare

Simple skincare

I first heard of Simple skincare when I was living in the UK with my parents in 2009, about to move to Canada on my own (well, to live with my then-boyfriend, but the travel was on my own and I ended up on my own so… let’s emphasise the independence aspect over the teenage-relationships-you-think-are-real-serious-but-probably-should-have-ended-already aspect). Mum and I popped down to the tiny local chemist to find some travel-sized skincare and found a wee kit of Simple products—labelled the UK’s best-selling skincare, “kind to skin”, and unfragranced.

Since then I can’t say I’ve been loyal to Simple skincare, because that would be an absolute lie, but it has always been a brand I recommend for people looking for supermarket-priced skincare. Callum has been a regular user of the Simple light moisturiser (one of the reasons is because he inevitably leaves it on the windowsill and at least three bottles have been lost to the great outdoors, and it’s cheap to replace).

This is starting to sound like a sponsored post for Simple but really, I just rarely write about single brands, at a cheap price point, that I rate highly (perhaps because they’re few and far between). They sent me some of their new products, but I also continue to buy them myself!

SKIN | What the hell is niacinamide?

skincare products with niacinamide

Niacinamide is a true hero ingredient, but I held off on writing about it because I wanted to get my hands on the hero niacinamide product: Cerave PM. Cerave is a drugstore skincare brand from the US, and quite difficult to get in New Zealand. I had a promising connection with their PR until it became apparent shipping internationally would be too much of a challenge (story of my life). Anyway, eventually I found a reputable seller on eBay who didn’t have offensively expensive shipping, and here we are!

THIRD BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAYS | Day 3, win a luxury beauty haul

luxury beauty haul giveaway

I told you I saved the best til last. The final giveaway of my blog birthday celebrations is a luxury beauty haul of some of my favourite ever makeup products!

My blog wouldn’t be a blog without readers, so to enter to win all this I’m asking you guys to fill out my quick reader survey. I want to make sure you’re liking my content, and want to find out what you’d like to see more of on Hyacinth Girl. That doesn’t mean I’ll change—if you want me to start writing about, uh, Pinterest hacks and healthy eating… you’ll probably need to find another blog to read.

THIRD BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAYS | Day 2, win the full range of Goodness skincare

goodness skincare giveaway

Day two! Day two brings you the chance to win the entire, and entirely fabulous, range of Goodness skincare. If you’ve been here for a while you’ll know that their Every Evening Cream was one of my favourite products of 2015 and the rest of their range is close behind.

The Goodness team have provided full sizes of the Every Morning Moisturiser, Every Day Cream Cleanser, Every Week Face Scrub, Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil, and Every Evening Cream for one winner, and you can enter from anywhere in the world!

THIRD BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAYS | Day 1, win a $100 Beauty Bliss voucher

beauty bliss voucher

September is birthday month for Hyacinth Girl, and I come bearing gifts! Gift one is a link to my first ever blog post, which is endearing and badly photographed. Well, gift one is actually the Beauty Bliss voucher in the photo above, so consider that link a pre-gift of sorts.

Because my blog is now three years old, it makes sense to have three days of giveaways. I’m kicking off with a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR voucher generously donated by Beauty Bliss. (Beauty Bliss is my eternal favourite place to buy makeup in New Zealand, in case you didn’t know.)

FOTD | Colours! On my eyelids!


I’ve been publishing a lot of posts with question marks in their titles and that’s a) boring and b) bad journalism, so this one has lots of exclamation marks instead. And it’s a makeup look! How exciting. I’ve been slack with makeup lately but the other day I felt a sudden urge to put colours on my eyelids and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. And those brows *ok emoji* if I do say so myself.