THIRD BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAYS | Day 3, win a luxury beauty haul

luxury beauty haul giveaway

I told you I saved the best til last. The final giveaway of my blog birthday celebrations is a luxury beauty haul of some of my favourite ever makeup products!

My blog wouldn’t be a blog without readers, so to enter to win all this I’m asking you guys to fill out my quick reader survey. I want to make sure you’re liking my content, and want to find out what you’d like to see more of on Hyacinth Girl. That doesn’t mean I’ll change—if you want me to start writing about, uh, Pinterest hacks and healthy eating… you’ll probably need to find another blog to read.

THIRD BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAYS | Day 2, win the full range of Goodness skincare

goodness skincare giveaway

Day two! Day two brings you the chance to win the entire, and entirely fabulous, range of Goodness skincare. If you’ve been here for a while you’ll know that their Every Evening Cream was one of my favourite products of 2015 and the rest of their range is close behind.

The Goodness team have provided full sizes of the Every Morning Moisturiser, Every Day Cream Cleanser, Every Week Face Scrub, Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil, and Every Evening Cream for one winner, and you can enter from anywhere in the world!

THIRD BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAYS | Day 1, win a $100 Beauty Bliss voucher

beauty bliss voucher

September is birthday month for Hyacinth Girl, and I come bearing gifts! Gift one is a link to my first ever blog post, which is endearing and badly photographed. Well, gift one is actually the Beauty Bliss voucher in the photo above, so consider that link a pre-gift of sorts.

Because my blog is now three years old, it makes sense to have three days of giveaways. I’m kicking off with a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR voucher generously donated by Beauty Bliss. (Beauty Bliss is my eternal favourite place to buy makeup in New Zealand, in case you didn’t know.)

FOTD | Colours! On my eyelids!


I’ve been publishing a lot of posts with question marks in their titles and that’s a) boring and b) bad journalism, so this one has lots of exclamation marks instead. And it’s a makeup look! How exciting. I’ve been slack with makeup lately but the other day I felt a sudden urge to put colours on my eyelids and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. And those brows *ok emoji* if I do say so myself.

FACE | What the hell is photography fluid?

Hylamide Photography Foundation and NIOD Photography Fluid

Remember when Stephen King wrote a bunch of books as Richard Bachman so he didn’t oversaturate the market with books all written under his real name? Me either, because it happened before I was born, but bear with me.

I first heard about the NIOD Photography Fluid, Opacity 12%* from Ruth a year or so ago, and have been curious about it ever since. When I got the chance recently to pick a few things from Recreate Yourself to try, it was first on my list. I then discovered Hylamide also makes a Photography Foundation*. I decided to compare the two ‘competing’ products.

then discovered that Hylamide and NIOD are made by the same company, Deciem. Sneaky. It’s like picking between a King book and a Bachman book— it doesn’t really matter which you choose, because they’re very similar, and your money’s going to the same place. The Hylamide and NIOD formulas aren’t identical, though, so they’re still worth a comparison.

NAILS | Peel off gel polish?!

Gelicious peel off gel polish in Thankful

You’d think that the concepts of gel polish and ‘easy-peel’ are mutually exclusive, but I’ve learned not to be surprised by anything in beauty anymore. Gelicious contacted me about trying their peel-off gel polish a few months ago, and I finally got around to trying it out. It takes a lot to convince me to abandon my Essie polish, you see, especially if the alternative process involved fussing with base coats and top coats and UV lights and alcohol wipes. But fuss I did, with the Gelicious Gel Nail Starter Kit*.

SKIN | What the hell is cacay oil?

cacay oil

It seems every six months the beauty media is gushing about yet another ‘miracle oil’ that everyone must try. Lately there are murmurings of cacay oil being ~the one~, better than argan oil or rosehip oil or whatever the last trendy oil was. The important question, however (and one that we should be asking ourselves about every new magical product people are on about) is what it’s made up of, and whether cacay oil’s components are really going to do anything for your skin.

TOOLS | W7 Mini Power Puffs review

W7 Mini Power Puffs

This week in beauty tools no one needs, for goodness’ sake, it’s the W7 Mini Power Puffs (cheap copies of the Beauty Blender Micro Minis). They’re teeny-tiny makeup sponges, and although I don’t own the Beauty Blender ones to compare them with (I REFUSE to spend that much money on tiny sponges) I’ll tell you what these ones are like.

I know I’ve been writing lots of negative reviews and shit lately but today I am incredibly hungover and grumpy so it seemed apt to publish this one anyway.



I’ve re-shot this blog post twice and frankly I’ve had enough of being reminded about my depression so now it’s time to just get over it and publish it already. Depression Haul number… three? happened in two installments from, the OG daddy Sephora, the big guy, the real guy. I often browse Sephora when I’m feeling down and/or bored and, as you can imagine, this sometimes turns into buying lots of things. My girls Allison and Tamara from xoVain helped me out by letting me use their addresses to get my things delivered and then they sent the parcels on to me, because Sephora has well and truly plugged all the gaps to stop people from using mail-forwarding services.