SKIN | What the hell is cacay oil?

cacay oil

It seems every six months the beauty media is gushing about yet another ‘miracle oil’ that everyone must try. Lately there are murmurings of cacay oil being ~the one~, better than argan oil or rosehip oil or whatever the last trendy oil was. The important question, however (and one that we should be asking ourselves about every new magical product people are on about) is what it’s made up of, and whether cacay oil’s components are really going to do anything for your skin.

TOOLS | W7 Mini Power Puffs review

W7 Mini Power Puffs

This week in beauty tools no one needs, for goodness’ sake, it’s the W7 Mini Power Puffs (cheap copies of the Beauty Blender Micro Minis). They’re teeny-tiny makeup sponges, and although I don’t own the Beauty Blender ones to compare them with (I REFUSE to spend that much money on tiny sponges) I’ll tell you what these ones are like.

I know I’ve been writing lots of negative reviews and shit lately but today I am incredibly hungover and grumpy so it seemed apt to publish this one anyway.



I’ve re-shot this blog post twice and frankly I’ve had enough of being reminded about my depression so now it’s time to just get over it and publish it already. Depression Haul number… three? happened in two installments from, the OG daddy Sephora, the big guy, the real guy. I often browse Sephora when I’m feeling down and/or bored and, as you can imagine, this sometimes turns into buying lots of things. My girls Allison and Tamara from xoVain helped me out by letting me use their addresses to get my things delivered and then they sent the parcels on to me, because Sephora has well and truly plugged all the gaps to stop people from using mail-forwarding services.

EYES | Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara review

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara before and after

I haven’t reviewed a mascara for a while so let’s have a close up of my bloodshot eyes and talk about the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara. I bought this recently from and commented on how it’s fairly affordable for a luxury mascara, but $40 is still a fair bit of money to spend on something you’re meant to throw out after 3–6 months. While I like how this mascara looks, its one major pitfall really bums me out.

EYES | Morphe single shadows

morphe single shadows from beauty bliss

Morphe, Morphe, Morphe. I’ve always been skeptical of Morphe: it’s clearly a private-label brand that relies heavily on affiliate deals with YouTubers to make sales. I don’t even want to think about how much money NikkieTutorials is making from shilling their ~amazing~ brushes and ~gorgeous~ palettes that’s she’s just ~obsessed~ with. Now, I don’t need an eyeshadow palette that has 35 pans in different shades of warm brown, but I was curious to see what Morphe single shadows (or should I say Coastal Scents shadows?) were actually like, so I chose three pans for my recent Beauty Bliss order. The colours are Birthday Suit, Aphrodite, and Rosewood.


Beauty Bliss haul on Hyacinth Girl

The Depression Hauls aren’t over, oh no. The second installment comes by way of Beauty Bliss, my favourite New Zealand beauty retailer. They’ve got a whole real shop which is really exciting, and it’s been cool to see the store expand—they’re authorised retailers of heaps of brands, like Anastasia Beverly Hills and Becca as well as more mainstream brands like Maybelline and Australis (maybe the default place to shop now that Farmers’ loyalty programme has gone to shit?)

Beauty Bliss aren’t paying me to say good things about them, by the way, they’re just a great NZ retailer that I want to support. I think the most they’ve ever given me for free is the eyeshadow brush that came free with orders over a certain amount (and that I forgot to photograph, oops!)

FOTD | MAC Plumage

MAC Plumage eyeshadow look with Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Nude lip

Last post was a bit heavy so I’ll give you this makeup look to lighten the mood slightly before another Depression Haul. I had been saving lots of my new products to photograph so after I took photos I put them all on my face. This look centres around MAC Plumage eyeshadow, the great teal-blue shadow from my last post. It has shit pigmentation (no really, it’s awful) but I layered and layered it until it looked decent. I tried it with a couple of different lip colours, both of which I’ve shown here, and one of which is the grey-blue Halsey one which is damn awesome.


Depression Hauls: MAC and

It’s time for a new series here on Hyacinth Girl: The Depression Hauls. It’s exactly what it sounds like—my depression has been hella dark lately and I’ve been binge shopping as a result.

Buying these things, and having these things, hasn’t made me any happier—it couldn’t, because depression is a much bigger thing than that. It can make me feel worse, long term, when I think about how much money I’ve spent and on things I will barely touch. I feel indifferent when parcels arrive. Obsessively comparing sites and prices does keep my mind briefly occupied and on something outside of my own head, and I’m aware that I’m lucky to have money to spare for situations like this.

I don’t need any of the things that I bought. But I bought them, and this is a beauty blog, so I might as well show you what they are.

So in the first installment I’ve got a bunch of stuff from the MAC website and from Both sites has discount codes at the time of purchase which means MAC must have finally moved away from the “absolutely no sales ever” model.