LIPS | My handbag lipsticks


Looking at the lipsticks in my handbag is the best way to tell which of my lip products I use the most. I do a clear out once a month or so, and I thought it might be interesting to share what I’ve been using lately. There’s a bit of everything: gloss, liner, sheer, opaque, matte… if you can put it on your lips, it’s probably in my handbag.

LIFE | Spring Spa Wellington


As much as I love watching Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, it has taught me to be wary of beauty salons, so I don’t treat myself as often as I should (budget may also be a factor in this). I was genuinely excited when I heard the news that Spring Spa was opening in Wellington, though, as it’s a venture from the same owners as East Day Spa, which is pretty much the only place I will trust with my face/body/appendages. Last week I got the chance to have a facial at the new Spring Spa Wellington and it was incredible. I will tell you more about how it was incredible, if you’ll let me.

FACE | How to level up your brow game


I love a good eyebrow. I’ve been filling mine in in various ways since 2008, and they’re the first part of my face I really paid attention to cosmetically. Anything you can use on eyebrows, I’ve put on them: wooden pencils, clicky pencils, powder, gel, pomade… and I’d like to think they’ve been improving over that time.

I’ve been doing something with them lately which is, admittedly, very laborious, but will help you level up your brow game. This isn’t a quick-slap-em-on-and-out-the-door job (I’ve got the Hourglass Arch Brow for that), but it’s worth it for the natural-looking brow you end up with.

BODY | Why you should touch your boobs more


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. People are always like “why do we need to be made aware of cancer? I know what cancer is,” and I’ve definitely fallen prey to this logic before.

What the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation are doing this year kinda explains the awareness thing. We all know breast cancer exists. But are we aware of our own breasts, and would we be able to recognise the signs ourselves?

OFYAOFM | LA’BONIC body care

labonic shower

My second OFYAOFM giveaway is thanks to LA’BONIC, a natural New Zealand skincare company. They’ve just come out with a body care line including body wash and lotion. It’s pretty safe to say that everyone washes their body, so this giveaway should be useful to everyone! I’ve actually got three sets to give away, in three flavours scents: Serenity, Vigour, and Glacier. 

LIFE | It’s Sunday


It’s Sunday and I feel like posting a ramble. Those Excellent Things posts I was doing petered out a little bit, mostly because I didn’t like being tied into a schedule, and there aren’t always excellent things to post anyway. It was probably ambitious of me to title a feature so positively, too (this week a friend told me “I love how much of a bitch you are.”)

I got an iPhone 5S, so my Instagram and selfie situation is renewed, in glorious HD camera glory. You better be following my Instagram if you’re not already. I also got a really pretty necklace from Ezibuy, wrote about it, and did some makeup to match.

I’ve been avoiding cleaning my brushes, which Vee scolded me for last weekend. I mostly hate standing and washing them all because I have to stand at the sink, and it takes ages, and my hands get cold. I’m thinking of gaining motivation by surrounding myself with unnecessary brush-washing accoutrements, like a brush egg and a brush tree and bristle guards. Part of my justification for this is that I could buy them all from one place (Complexions).

Lots of blog-related thinking has happened this week, inspired by regular #bloggersbrunchclub chats. I’ve come out one media kit richer than I was this time last week (holla at me if you want to see it) and a wee bit poorer, but eternal shoutouts to Amy for being an absolute queen design-wise, and a dream to work with. A less tangible result of this blog thinking has been on how the blogging world is founded on the lifestyle of the upper-middle-class straight white girl. I don’t really like that blogging is inherently bougie, but I pretty much fit into that category myself (my alternative post idea for today was going to be a Charlotte Tilbury wishlist). I’ll keep thinking on this.


FACE | Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade Chocolate vs Medium Brown


I’ve been going on about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade since the start of the year (here’s my original post on it). When the product first launched there were only five shades in the range. Since then they’ve launched three new shades, and I’ve now got both Chocolate and Medium Brown. I thought it might be useful to compare these two next to each other for people who are on the fence about which shade to go with.

SKIN | Eye cream roundup


I can’t look at the skin under my eyes without remembering the time I was at the Dior counter and the woman virtually recoiled because of how ‘dehydrated’ my undereyes were. Aside from losing a customer that day, she was a bit wrong – while everyone’s skin can benefit from a decent eye cream, I think mine is just like that. I’ve been religiously applying eye cream virtually every day since then, and here are a few of my favourites.

SKIN | DIY clay mask


The other week I tested all those face masks, and came to the conclusion that they were all fairly comparable, except for in price, and that the best solution would be to make my own. I ordered up some clay powder from iHerb at a very affordable price, and deliberated over which liquid to mix it with, until the Linden Leaves Miraculous Facial Oil* arrived. It’s designed for all skin types and the internet is always telling me to counter-intuitively put oil on my oily skin, so I did.